Monday, August 31, 2009

Amelie Does; Amelie Says

It sure is bitter-sweet to see your precious babies grow up! I can't believe what a big-girl Amelie has turned into over this past year. She is so sweet and helpful and she surprises me every single day with what she knows and does!
Today at the park I had a pregnant-mama-emotional-moment when she, for the first time, started swinging all by herself--perfectly.
With no help. No pushes and she went high.
It was a small thing but it felt soooo big.
She came up afterward and told me, "I'm busy practicing my 5 year old stuff...cause I'm gonna be 5. It's like I'm 5 already with all the stuff I can do, right?"
*sigh....It sure seems like it my little one!

I Heart Polka Dots And Stripes (And Gymboree Like Totally *Knows* it)

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Maeve-y Milestones: A Belated Month 22 Shout-Out!

My sweet and sassy Maeve-y-girl is speeding towards her 2nd birthday and I
can. NOT. believe it!!!
Being as preggo and preoccupied as I have been ALL summer long, I've been remiss in celebrating her monthly milestones!
So, a belated, happy 22 Maeve! to my sweet little one!
Maeve is such a delight--I can't believe how wonderful this summer has been with her and her sweet big sister!
Maeve is fearless, independent, loving, funny, easy-going and walks everywhere on her tip-toes.
Her hair is nearly as long as her poor sister who has been growing hers out for 4.75 years now =)
Speaking of Amelie, she is Maeve's best friend--they are excellent playmates! They never fight (YET!) and always have fun no matter what game they make up together!

Maeve says words here and there but really lets her sister do most of her talking! She's strings together simple sentences but is more of a jibber-jabber-er than a talky-talker.
And, she's finally reached the big ol' 20 pound mark! She's huge! (Her sister was 20 pounds at 1 year, so they are def. different!!)

I love, love, love you my sweet little one! You bring us so much stinkin' joy! We are blessed to be your family and can't wait to see what the Lord has in store for your future!

Saturday, August 29, 2009


My bff and her sweet family came down for a visit the other day and it was wonder-ful!
We've been conspiring between us to unite our families in marriage (!!!) through our precious firstborn babes. I know, I know, it's a little creepy--but I seriously think we should put a little arranged marriage in writing--cause look how much they already LOVE each other (and wouldn't their wedding slide show be TDF?! =)

Friday, August 28, 2009

Like Daughter, Like Mother

The other day as I was driving along with Amelie she was busily telling me all matter of pre-schooler facts and then announced,
"I am the smartest girl!"
"Well," I said, "Amelie--you are very smart because you're learning something new every day!"
She continued, "I am actually the smartest kid. I am also smarter than all of the adults!"
And I thought: Oh. Boy. !!!!
"Amelie-girl, you are very smart but everyone is very smart in their own way--that's what makes us all special!" I continued to explain that we all have things we are better at than others and others have things they are better at than us etc.
This conversation got me thinking, as hilarious as it is that she thinks of herself as the biggest and the best, the center of the universe, I, at 30, know that I'm not, but often act, think and feel that I am.
I've really been learning this lately in my life--when something I felt I was at the center of slowly started to change. And I didn't realize I wasn't at the center until it was painfully obvious that I wasn't even close to it!
And boy, was it PAINFUL to realize that things didn't and don't revolve around me as I thought they should. I stood back and looked around and thought,
When did this happen?
Who am I now if I'm not treated the way I think I ought to be?
But as I've waited and embraced by "new" role, my life has been filled with a new well-spring of Peace.
The reality is that I was never at the center of anything!
The reality is that there is only
One Center
One Constant
One Unchanging Fact:
God is the true center of all things and anytime I feel that everything is or ought to revolve around me I'm just fooling myself!
Acceptance of this truth is the only route to true peace in my life!
*I* am not the center.
*I* never was
*I* never will be
And that is JUST the way it's supposed to be.
Praise the Lord for His patience in teaching me and that He is willing to teach me the same lessons over and over and over again until I get it!
Now, if only someone could come and help me help Amelie to get it, we'd be all set =)

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Brain Freeze

Last night I was making dinner and I went to sprinkle some special "only-found-in-upstate-ny" seasoning on our pork.
The seasoning was in a cinnamon container since I mooched it off of my parents while I was home visiting and that was the only empty container available.
So I reached in the cupboard for the seasoning in the cinnamon container, opened it and shook without looking, only to realize that I had poured actual cinnamon
(a WHOLE container of it, since the shaker lid conveniently flew off)
all over our dinner.
I must have *cinnamon* on the brain!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Maeve Says

When I lay Maeve down for her nap, I always sing her the same songs and say,
"Sleep good Maeve-y! I love you!"
Today as I said this and walked out of the room she said (for the first time)
"I luv oo Mama!"
And my heart exploded.
The end. =)

Monday, August 24, 2009

What I've Been Working On:

Embellishing shirts for Baby Ezra!
I found a bunch of fun Etsy stores that sold appliques on the cheap and can't wait to make all of E's little clothes a bit more fun.
'Cause that's how I roll...=)

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Poufy Princess Dress Parade

Amelie was beyond excited today when our little neighbor girl, who is in the process of casting off all of her princess paraphernalia to Amelie, gifted her this dress today!
Behold--Amelie's sweet new girly princess dress =)

Friday, August 21, 2009

Shelly Is...

* Obsessed with Tropical Punch Kool-Aid.
*....and paint chips
* ...and fabric swatches
* Excited about our home inspection Monday...or nervous...or thrilled...or terrified (I'm not sure exactly what yet)
* Happy that tomorrow is Saturday!
* ...and date night!!!
* Sitting in a peaceful house. Ahh...

Time for a little HGTV--goodnight!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

The *Waiting* Game

I am no good at waiting.
I am a planner, a list-maker, an organizer, a non-procrastinator, a do-er-right-away-er.

Waiting is soooo hard for me.

These past summer has been a real exercise in waiting and boy--is Jesus workin' on me cause I feel like I've had to wait for everything lately =)
And although I don't like waiting much, I think it's really good for me, in general.
The longer I have to wait for something, the more I appreciate it and that's a good thing.
We've been waiting on bunch of *big* things lately (I don't even have time to go into the nine million little things we're *waiting* on--eh):

Baby Wonderful!!!

Being pregnant is the best exercise in waiting EVER! And puhlease, don't let anyone fool you--it's not just 9 months of waiting, it's 10, people!! 40 weeks--YOU do the math =)
I've been *waiting* to buy baby accessories (ok, not waiting to buy the clothes but a girl can only wait on so many things =) and just finally made my first baby gear purchase!!!
I present to you the bouncer!!!

Isn't it super cute?
Our old one was pretty much devastated by Amelie and Maeve's frequent use and when I found this cute (cheap!!!) one at Target I had to invest.
It even features my baby boy room theme: Owls!!
Speaking of owls and baby boy room themes, here are my inspiration pages that I ripped out of a few baby magazines as I exercise my patience in *waiting* to see if we even end up with a baby boy room at all!!
I'm planning on painting a similar tree/owl mural on baby boy's wall.
You know, as long as this pregnant lady's strength endures!!
We still need a crib and dresser for him but most everything else is squared away
(thanks to the stock pile of baby gear left over from the Maevenator!)
And I love these owl pillows and the cards--

I'm planning on creating some owl wall art that looks something like these Etsy Cards I found:

We have the inspection on *our* house next week and I'm praying (maybe I should start fasting too, oh boy) that everything comes together so I can start working on things for a move!

It would be totally amazing to have a nursery for our little one--I can't even express how much this whole house thing means to me. God has certainly blessed us where we are and I am thankful to be here but having a yard and an extra bedroom would def. fill my cup to MORE than overflowing!
So anyways, that's my story.
I'm waiting....and that's ok....for now =)

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Conversations With Amelie; And *PROOF* That We Are In Some Ways Dissimilar

Mommy says,
"Amelie, why don't we go to Chick Fil A to use our free breakfast coupon and you and Maeve can play!"
Amelie says,
"Why don't we just stay home, eat fruit and exercise."

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

30 Years; And 30 Weeks

This pregnancy is flying by!
I'm sure it has something to do with the
busy-ness that having young children brings and I like it that way!
10. more. weeks.
And I have a feeling, that even if all keeps sailing along smoothly,
this 10 weeks will fly since I'll be:
a. packing
b. moving
c. unpacking
d. unpacking
e. unpacking
f. sending my oldest to pre-k (everyday!! *tear*)
g. sending my husband back to his regular, longer houred days of teaching
h. entertaining an almost-2-year-old Maeve
g. having a baby
Yep. Busy.
But it's a good, happy, full, noisy season in our life and I intend to enjoy every blessed second!

Monday, August 17, 2009

And Now I've Forgotten What I Was Going To Blog About Because Amelie Just Said:

"Mommy!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!!
Can you come wipe my butt please?"
Ah...the joys of Motherhood.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Let's Go Shopping!

Since I'm *dreaming* *hoping* *praying* that our *new* house works out...
I've been "inspiration shopping" online for *my* new home.
(i.e. shopping in places that i couldn't, wouldn't, shouldn't afford for ideas to implement in my budget/bargain friendly irl shopping way)
Welcome to Anthrolpolgie my friends!
Oh. My. You might not want to actually look at the prices (they may make your eyes bleed) but some of the tiny *touch of character* pieces weren't awful and are awfully enchanting!
I love this sweet little bird cabinet knob pull, so precious:
And these pot holders? Why I bet they would make cooking *almost* fun!
I heart these house numbers--but I wonder, would you actually be able to see the numbers from the road? Tres chic though!

And last, but not least--Can you guess what these are?

They're measuring cups!!!!
Are you freaking kidding me with their cuteness?!?
Love these fun little finds!
And though it it unlikely in the extreme that I will indulge in $38 worth of measuring cups, I bet I could swing one little birdie cabinet pull =)

Friday, August 14, 2009

Pardon Me, I'm Under Construction!

Catch Up

We're still playing catch-up here, in the Wonderful household, after a hasty and impromptu NY visit (sans the husband who had a paying gig over the weekend).
The girls are still ill--Day number 8 For Amelie and Day number 11 for Maeve and
I am totally over it.
The Maevenator woke up screaming from nap today so we're headed to the peds tonight for a late night date. I hope, pray, dream that the end is in sight!
We've also lived through business day number 2 (we need to make it through one. more. business. day.) of attorney review on our 2nd-under-contract-house.
We're praying that this one works out and for the strength to deal with it if it doesn't.
(Cause losing 2 under contract houses in two weeks would be a little bit much, don'tcha think?)
And in other news, I'm mildly tired of being pregnant.
Mostly just tired though.
All. The. Time.
Other than the tired and the occasional back pain, I am feeling well and am thankful that I've passed all my prego tests and have come to the point where I'll be heading to the OB every 2 weeks--the end is near! Woot!
(Can't wait to meet you little E!)
Must prepare for late date night with Dr. Mark and a waiting room full of sickies...I *know* at least one of you is mildly jealous--tee hee!
Good night and have a pleasant tomorrow!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Weekend Update Bullet Style

* Friday we put an offer on a house--started playing what is known as "the waiting game"
* Had planned on heading to NY Saturday to visit family but went to bed Friday night with a sick Amelie! Took her to the Dr. Saturday morning and my Mom came down to visit/help out since Mr. Wonderful was working all weekend.
* Granny of the North talked us into heading North with her Sunday so off we went! It took a little longer than usual due to :severe weather (ick), road work (double ick) but we made pretty good time as I am an excellent driver (tee hee--actually just motivated to drive a bit faster with the whole 7.5 month pregnant thing going on)
* In NY A.K.A. "Amelie's Slice Of Heaven" There has been swimming, fishing, playing on the swingset, the sprinkler and in the tree fort. The girls are tearing it up and enjoying the freedom although BOTH of them
* are sick. Coughing, fever, etc. Eh. At least they are sleeping well!
* Today offer was accepted on house numero dos and we are awaiting an inspection of the house/electrical etc before we get too attached. House hunting is a whole bunch of good and bad and up and down. Eh.
* Did I mention it's humid and there's no A.C.? Not as humid/hot as Jersey but whew!
* Plan to head back to Jersey on Wednesday--as long as the sickos and the pregnant lady hold up.
*Did I also mention that I miss my husband? He's the best, wonderful even, and I miss him. I love you honey pie!!

Good night all!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Shelly's Snippets: Shelly....

* wonders when exactly it was that i started liking plain cheerios as opposed to cheerios with sugar

*loves those *free* return address label thingys from whichever charity sends them

*has never eaten at taco bell

*has chipped toenail polish on her toes

*is sad that her girls are so big and grown-up-y but happy too.

*is discouraged at the prospect of more house hunting

*can't believe the summer is nearly over

*is having a summer love affair with tropical punch koolaid

*can't believe how active Ezra is--with the girls I was always "wondering" if they were "ok" but with him, he's always bouncing around, so now i'm wondering if he'll ever sleep once he gets here =)

Happy Friday!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

*One* Thing

One thing has become very apparent in our heretofore short and not-so-sweet house hunting experience:
Our parents love and support us so very much.
What a blessing!
What an encouragement!
It makes the whole horrible process nearly bearable =)

House Hunting; ASV (Amelie Says Version)

The other day we had to take the munchkins with us for a bit of hardcore house hunting. In our desired area, houses are very expensive (esp. for a 1 income family!)
and so we had to look at less than desirable houses
(think ugliest house on all the best streets--good investment but a bit of an interesting experience =).
The first house we walked into we *knew* was a fixer upper. It had amazing high ceilings, a good location, a nice backyard and the downstairs was in relatively good condition. But upon walking upstairs, over the stained carpet, and spying a completely gutted and funky bathroom, and noting the brownish ceiling and saggy walls
Amelie. Was. Horrified.
She kept saying, "Don't they know how to clean? I think they need to go to Target to get supplies! Why is it so dirty? This is 'scusting!!"
And in the car afterwards, Mommy tried to explain that sometimes the places you want to live are expensive so you need to look at houses that need some fixing and some cleaning. So,
Amelie says,
"Mama, I do not want to live in a dirty house. I do not like dirty houses. I will go home and save money in my piggy bank so that we can buy a clean house. Can I have some money for my piggy bank *right now* please?"
Poor little lamb! Ha!

Things You Don't Want To Hear From The Other Room; A.K.A. Amelie Says

Amelie comes into Maeve's bedroom and announces,
"Mama, I know you told me to wait to get my candy cane
((it was Christmas at VBS today=))
but I couldn't because it is so delicious. So I climbed on top of the toys and reached into the kitchen and grabbed it off the stove. Don't worry! It only burned me a little bit!"
AHHHHHH! And no, I don't usually store tempting candy on the stove, I just happened to place it there when I heard Maeve wake up from her nap. Rookie mistake, duly noted!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Chore That *Wasn't* : A Happy Story!

Today I finally, finally went to get my glucose test done.
For those of you lucky ones who have yet to experience this test--
it is not delightful.
You have a couple of minutes to drink a large-ish orange drink (it tastes something like flat orange soda and really, the bubbles are the only saving grace that regular orange soda has =) and then proceed to sit at the lab for an hour and after the sitting you get to give blood.
It's awesome.
I soooo wasn't looking forward to this especially since we recently changed insurance providers and had to switch labs to boot!
So in addition to the lovely test, I also had to fill out all the paperwork and get acquainted with a new lab-system.
Happily they took me in at my appointed time (you never know how long you'll have to wait at those places, even with an appt!!) and I had the most pleasant phlebotomist who was kind and gave me my gross drink but commiserated over the yuckiness of it all.
And then she said, "Oh! Well, since you'll be here for an hour let me take you to your private room!"
Um, what? You mean, I don't have to sit for an hour in the crowded waiting room, fighting for the one good magazine that didn't feature a cover story on Golf or politics?!!
She led me then, to
A quiet, air conditioned, comfy leather recliner filled, cable tv-ed, magazine mecca with blankets, in case I get chilly, to boot!
It was the best hour ever.
Quiet, comfy, HGTV and trashy magazine equipped (I chose STAR if you must know) and
it. was. good.
I think I need to get my glucose tested at least once a month. It Rocked =)

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Now Stop! Collaborate and Listen...

It seems like the brakes are on our house hunting adventure.
(for now)
We found, offered and are in the process of being under contract for *the* house.
(Large, nearly move-in perfect, priced right, right town etc. )
We have the down payment, and the mortgage "except" for the fact that Mr. Mortgage Man wasn't so steady with his numbers and figured that with our yearly tax bill all we'd have to do to secure our house is to pay off our *new* van to make the numbers work.
In a month. Before settlement.
Now, to most people it's not a significant sum of money, but in the household of a Christian School Teacher, in the middle of the stinkin' summer, it sure is.
The struggle in all of this is--balancing the acceptance of a closed door with the research of "options."
You know what I mean?
Where do, "What else can be done?" and "Thanks for the sign God!" meet?
So we're taking a breather.
Stopping and Listening and Waiting.
I'm thankful for His plan, whatever it is, and pray that we have the wisdom to follow/find/search it out.
But, before I do all that, I think I'll take a nap. =)

These Little Lights Of Mine

These girls of mine grow more lovely by the second.
I love them so much and am exceedingly thankful for the time I get to spend with them every single day.
Behold! My Joy-Bringers!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Where I Am Right Now

I am *trying* to:
Walk by faith and not by sight,
To listen and obey,
To patiently wait, for plans that are not my own to unfold,
To be thankful for doors that are open and doors that are not,
To take comfort in the fact that I am not in control
(even though I would like to be),
And to be filled with peace in the midst of the waiting and not-knowing-ness of it all.
To come to terms with the fact, that being a Christian, or Christ-follower means acting as a well behaved (not petulent) child.
Today I feel as though I am 4 and it is not exactly easy-
No wonder Amelie gets so grumpy sometimes!
Tee hee!