Thursday, August 6, 2009

House Hunting; ASV (Amelie Says Version)

The other day we had to take the munchkins with us for a bit of hardcore house hunting. In our desired area, houses are very expensive (esp. for a 1 income family!)
and so we had to look at less than desirable houses
(think ugliest house on all the best streets--good investment but a bit of an interesting experience =).
The first house we walked into we *knew* was a fixer upper. It had amazing high ceilings, a good location, a nice backyard and the downstairs was in relatively good condition. But upon walking upstairs, over the stained carpet, and spying a completely gutted and funky bathroom, and noting the brownish ceiling and saggy walls
Amelie. Was. Horrified.
She kept saying, "Don't they know how to clean? I think they need to go to Target to get supplies! Why is it so dirty? This is 'scusting!!"
And in the car afterwards, Mommy tried to explain that sometimes the places you want to live are expensive so you need to look at houses that need some fixing and some cleaning. So,
Amelie says,
"Mama, I do not want to live in a dirty house. I do not like dirty houses. I will go home and save money in my piggy bank so that we can buy a clean house. Can I have some money for my piggy bank *right now* please?"
Poor little lamb! Ha!


Sheri said...

NICE! I totally LOVE her!

Devin said...

Ha! Poor baby...I know how she feels!

We bought the house we are currently in as a fixer (I know you've seen some of my 'after' renovation posts...) and I remember crying hysterically a couple of days after we moved in. I had Colin, who was barely 3, and Cameron, who had just turned 1, and I was keeping them in a PLAYPEN all day long because I felt like the floors were too dirty for them to play on! I cleaned all the hard surfaces myself, but couldn't get the carpet cleaned until 4 days after we moved in. The LONGEST 4 days of my life! It was awful!