Friday, August 7, 2009

Shelly's Snippets: Shelly....

* wonders when exactly it was that i started liking plain cheerios as opposed to cheerios with sugar

*loves those *free* return address label thingys from whichever charity sends them

*has never eaten at taco bell

*has chipped toenail polish on her toes

*is sad that her girls are so big and grown-up-y but happy too.

*is discouraged at the prospect of more house hunting

*can't believe the summer is nearly over

*is having a summer love affair with tropical punch koolaid

*can't believe how active Ezra is--with the girls I was always "wondering" if they were "ok" but with him, he's always bouncing around, so now i'm wondering if he'll ever sleep once he gets here =)

Happy Friday!


Amy said...

never eaten at taco bell what? it is the only fast food chain that I will eat at. as far as the movement in the belly ethan has been the same way. i will pray for you to that ezra will sleep just as i am hoping ethan will do the same. now go eat at TACO BELL lol!

Julie said...

Just read over your last several days' posts...Poor Amelie and her hatred of all things dirty! That's so cute that she wanted to save money for you to buy a non-dirty house. What a doll!!

Your story about the glucose test made me quite jealous - never have I gotten the chance to have such a relaxing wait at the doctor's office. It sounds like it almost made the whole "flat orange pop" bearable. (I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks it tastes like that)

I don't eat sugar on my cheerios any more either. I remember when I was a kid I'd put so much sugar on them there would be a sugar sludge in the bottom of the bowl when I was done!

How could you have never eaten at Taco Bell?? LOL

SarahV said...

i love those address stickers too!! thank you st. jude!

JerseyGranny said...

I have never eaten at Taco Bell,either, and don't plan to...ever! ha!

BluSkies80 said...

*Taco Bell is wonderful when you are pregnant, at least my little guy inside thinks so=)

*Absolutely love the free address labels, use them all the time for mailing bills!

*House hunting is overwhelming, especially with two little ones.

*Active baby inside =)Hannah & Aiden were really active inside and don't seem to sleep as well as most kids. This time I feel him at certain times of the day-maybe he will be the one to still nap at 4 y/o! I can only hope=) It is an amazing feeling though and you never seem to tire of it even if it wakes you up!

*Yes, the summer has gone by way too fast! Can't believe so many of our little ones are starting preschool...very sad!

Devin said...

I hear you on the active boy boys never gave me a moments peace :-) especially at night, when it was time for Momma to go to sleep! It seemed that they were always roaring to go right about that time!

Madre said...

You haven't felt ANYTHING until you have twin boys dukin it out in your tummy! It was the most wonderful uncomfortable in the world. :o)