Sunday, August 30, 2009

Maeve-y Milestones: A Belated Month 22 Shout-Out!

My sweet and sassy Maeve-y-girl is speeding towards her 2nd birthday and I
can. NOT. believe it!!!
Being as preggo and preoccupied as I have been ALL summer long, I've been remiss in celebrating her monthly milestones!
So, a belated, happy 22 Maeve! to my sweet little one!
Maeve is such a delight--I can't believe how wonderful this summer has been with her and her sweet big sister!
Maeve is fearless, independent, loving, funny, easy-going and walks everywhere on her tip-toes.
Her hair is nearly as long as her poor sister who has been growing hers out for 4.75 years now =)
Speaking of Amelie, she is Maeve's best friend--they are excellent playmates! They never fight (YET!) and always have fun no matter what game they make up together!

Maeve says words here and there but really lets her sister do most of her talking! She's strings together simple sentences but is more of a jibber-jabber-er than a talky-talker.
And, she's finally reached the big ol' 20 pound mark! She's huge! (Her sister was 20 pounds at 1 year, so they are def. different!!)

I love, love, love you my sweet little one! You bring us so much stinkin' joy! We are blessed to be your family and can't wait to see what the Lord has in store for your future!


Sheri said...

They never fight? wow! My boys do!?:) and 20 lbs- she is tiny....but I think great things come in small packages.....did you still have her rear facing?

Devin said...

Oh, she is just adorable. :) She's getting so big, so FAST!

Shelly said...

sheri--i think they don't fight b/c of the 3 year age difference--too far apart to compete in anything and amelie is very maternal towards maeve. and boy, is she tiny! she is rear facing and probably will be for a while yet--i'm wondering how i'm going to be able to buckle amelie's car seat in the rear seat of the van with TWO rear facing babies in the middle section!!

Megan and Company said...

Pop Maeve's headrest off, as long as she is RF, and then you can easily reach over. It's been working for us beautifully. Josh was RF to 2.5, I'm thinking Leah will be celebrating the big "3" still rf. Hahahah!

I don't think Leah is 20lbs yet...I'll have to weigh her tonight. But, I'm pretty sure Maeve's got a good 4-5" on Leah. ;)

JerseyGranny said...

I can see you in her smile, Shell. She so full of Maevey preciousness!