Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Now Stop! Collaborate and Listen...

It seems like the brakes are on our house hunting adventure.
(for now)
We found, offered and are in the process of being under contract for *the* house.
(Large, nearly move-in perfect, priced right, right town etc. )
We have the down payment, and the mortgage "except" for the fact that Mr. Mortgage Man wasn't so steady with his numbers and figured that with our yearly tax bill all we'd have to do to secure our house is to pay off our *new* van to make the numbers work.
In a month. Before settlement.
Now, to most people it's not a significant sum of money, but in the household of a Christian School Teacher, in the middle of the stinkin' summer, it sure is.
The struggle in all of this is--balancing the acceptance of a closed door with the research of "options."
You know what I mean?
Where do, "What else can be done?" and "Thanks for the sign God!" meet?
So we're taking a breather.
Stopping and Listening and Waiting.
I'm thankful for His plan, whatever it is, and pray that we have the wisdom to follow/find/search it out.
But, before I do all that, I think I'll take a nap. =)


Julie said...

We ran into something similar when we were buying our house we're in now. If it's God's plan, that money will become available. I'll be praying for God to show you His plan for you in a way that is unmistakeable!

~*~Brianne~*~ said...

i'm interested in a post about how on earth you manage to get a new house, a new van, have your girls wear the cutest clothes EVER, have 3 kids, and all the other stuff you do (lunches out, the Wii... all that stuff) and one income.... cuz i totally NEED TO KNOW how the heck you are able to manage that one, sister. we have been in our house for 3 years, have had about $20,000 worth of "fix-ups" that have needed to be done, needed a "new" car, have one kid, TWO teacher salaries AND i work two part time jobs, and we're barely making it.... advice would be excellent. what's your secret, chick? please. thank you. :o)