Tuesday, August 18, 2009

30 Years; And 30 Weeks

This pregnancy is flying by!
I'm sure it has something to do with the
busy-ness that having young children brings and I like it that way!
10. more. weeks.
And I have a feeling, that even if all keeps sailing along smoothly,
this 10 weeks will fly since I'll be:
a. packing
b. moving
c. unpacking
d. unpacking
e. unpacking
f. sending my oldest to pre-k (everyday!! *tear*)
g. sending my husband back to his regular, longer houred days of teaching
h. entertaining an almost-2-year-old Maeve
g. having a baby
Yep. Busy.
But it's a good, happy, full, noisy season in our life and I intend to enjoy every blessed second!


SarahV said...

holy cow, that did go by fast! i can't wait to meet the newest weber!!

and let us know when you're moving/packing because we WILL come down and help you.

Micayla said...

I'm so excited for you guys! I'm really hoping everything goes well with the house, and I cannot wait to meet my nephew!!

Julie said...

So....packing, moving, unpacking...does that mean it's a go on house #2?

YAY for only 10 more weeks...looking forward to reading stories of what wonderful big sisters Amelie & Maeve are, because from what I've read about them, they certainly will be little helpers!

Shelly said...

yes julie--we got house number 2 and are keeping our fingers crossed until settlment that everything works out!!

Melody said...

Yay for houses and babies!!

I agree that it goes way faster when you have 2 wee ones running around, keeping you busy. Although, I've seem to hit a wall the past few weeks, where time feels as though it is standing still : )

I totally have same skirt! It is one of my favorite non-maternity items of clothing....that I wear when pregnant. It's SOOOO comfy! Sadly, I have outgrow all of my tanks that look cute with it : (

A Repletion of Reverie said...