Sunday, August 16, 2009

Let's Go Shopping!

Since I'm *dreaming* *hoping* *praying* that our *new* house works out...
I've been "inspiration shopping" online for *my* new home.
(i.e. shopping in places that i couldn't, wouldn't, shouldn't afford for ideas to implement in my budget/bargain friendly irl shopping way)
Welcome to Anthrolpolgie my friends!
Oh. My. You might not want to actually look at the prices (they may make your eyes bleed) but some of the tiny *touch of character* pieces weren't awful and are awfully enchanting!
I love this sweet little bird cabinet knob pull, so precious:
And these pot holders? Why I bet they would make cooking *almost* fun!
I heart these house numbers--but I wonder, would you actually be able to see the numbers from the road? Tres chic though!

And last, but not least--Can you guess what these are?

They're measuring cups!!!!
Are you freaking kidding me with their cuteness?!?
Love these fun little finds!
And though it it unlikely in the extreme that I will indulge in $38 worth of measuring cups, I bet I could swing one little birdie cabinet pull =)


SarahV said...

i was able to go to a real anthropologie store in chicago w/ rachel and it was awesome. we were in there forever and i wanted to buy EVERYTHING. love that place!

~Dawn~ said...

Pioneer Woman fancies that store as well. On her blog, was the first time I'd seen those cutesy measuring cups.. she actually gave some away if I remember correctly. Definitely nice stuff! ** Fingers crossed ** Prayers for you to hear something on "your" new home. I think you'll get a call today.

sarah e. said...

I could live in Anthropologie. If someone told me I could only shop at one store for the rest of my life, there's a very strong possibility i would choose Anthropologie (provided that someone also provided me with funding). I was in a wedding earlier this summer ... the bride chose our bridesmaid dresses from Anthropologie ... that made my heart happy because I *had* to buy a cool dress and - because of Anthropologie's rockin' return policy - the dress which I originally purchased for almost $300 got price-adjusted down to $69 when it went on SALE!!!