Thursday, August 6, 2009

*One* Thing

One thing has become very apparent in our heretofore short and not-so-sweet house hunting experience:
Our parents love and support us so very much.
What a blessing!
What an encouragement!
It makes the whole horrible process nearly bearable =)

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theweaver said...

It stresses me thinking about it... I will testify to this though... Stephen's sister and bro-i-l had recently put an offer on a short sale that was awesome... needed some work but price was amazing. The bank accept, so did the seller, but a closing date has never been set... 2 months later... they are still waiting and had to move in with mom and dad because they had given notice on their apt. So... decided to start looking again and found the now PERFECT house... little more expensive, better yard and move in ready... it's out there, persevere... The thing is, this house wasn't on the market when they were originally looking so they would have never found it... praying for you guys...