Monday, August 31, 2009

Amelie Does; Amelie Says

It sure is bitter-sweet to see your precious babies grow up! I can't believe what a big-girl Amelie has turned into over this past year. She is so sweet and helpful and she surprises me every single day with what she knows and does!
Today at the park I had a pregnant-mama-emotional-moment when she, for the first time, started swinging all by herself--perfectly.
With no help. No pushes and she went high.
It was a small thing but it felt soooo big.
She came up afterward and told me, "I'm busy practicing my 5 year old stuff...cause I'm gonna be 5. It's like I'm 5 already with all the stuff I can do, right?"
*sigh....It sure seems like it my little one!


Julie said...

Aww! She IS getting to be such a big girl!

Devin said...



I so feel you.

JerseyGranny said...

Our precious big-girl Amels!