Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Chore That *Wasn't* : A Happy Story!

Today I finally, finally went to get my glucose test done.
For those of you lucky ones who have yet to experience this test--
it is not delightful.
You have a couple of minutes to drink a large-ish orange drink (it tastes something like flat orange soda and really, the bubbles are the only saving grace that regular orange soda has =) and then proceed to sit at the lab for an hour and after the sitting you get to give blood.
It's awesome.
I soooo wasn't looking forward to this especially since we recently changed insurance providers and had to switch labs to boot!
So in addition to the lovely test, I also had to fill out all the paperwork and get acquainted with a new lab-system.
Happily they took me in at my appointed time (you never know how long you'll have to wait at those places, even with an appt!!) and I had the most pleasant phlebotomist who was kind and gave me my gross drink but commiserated over the yuckiness of it all.
And then she said, "Oh! Well, since you'll be here for an hour let me take you to your private room!"
Um, what? You mean, I don't have to sit for an hour in the crowded waiting room, fighting for the one good magazine that didn't feature a cover story on Golf or politics?!!
She led me then, to
A quiet, air conditioned, comfy leather recliner filled, cable tv-ed, magazine mecca with blankets, in case I get chilly, to boot!
It was the best hour ever.
Quiet, comfy, HGTV and trashy magazine equipped (I chose STAR if you must know) and
it. was. good.
I think I need to get my glucose tested at least once a month. It Rocked =)


Candace said...

Lucky... at my Dr office they gave me the drink a few weeks ago and I drank it an hour before I got there. Then... the phlebotomist gave me the worst bruise I have ever had! I just had my test done on Tuesday, so I am still waiting to hear back... good luck on yours! :)

Sarah said...

Oh my! Do tell what lab that was. Because I went to Quest for my 1 hour AND THREE HOUR (triple ugh!) tests and it was pretty much sitting in a chair while watching the 8000 other people come and go and reading awful magazines. I have LabCorp now, so hopefully they're the place to go. You know, if we ever have another baby! :)

Sheri said...

nice Michelle- its the little things right?.....with both my boys they let me drink the crap at home and then come in, as long as I was precise with the time....I guess I was lucky?

Megan and Company said...

That is the same lab we use! It is WONDERFUL, right?

When I was there with Leah, there was a woman doing the 3 hour test. I'm pretty sure I had a twinge of jealousy!

Shelly said...

Sarah--you are in luck IN DEED! we just switched from quest to labcorp. go out and get pergnant RIGHT NOW! it'll be the most peaceful hour of your life to date =) ha!

Devin said...


I just had mine done last week (the early one) and that was certainly NOT the experience I had either...can I come out to you when it's time for my 28 week test? *heehee*

I'm not gonna lie...that hour of Nirvana made me a bit jeal.ous.

A Repletion of Reverie said...

Geez.....i test my glucose four times a day and I don't get any of that stuff....what gives????

Micayla said...

You're lucky. The labcorp in Woodbury didn't have private rooms! Both my 1 and 3 hour test were definitely not relaxing! Next time I get pregnant I'm coming up there for my tests!

Pamela said...

I refused me 1 hour with Elliott. For the first three, I failed the 1 hour, and passed the 3 hour. My weight was always reasonable, and I eat very sensibly.

However, if those digs were available to me? I totally would have gone.