Friday, August 28, 2009

Like Daughter, Like Mother

The other day as I was driving along with Amelie she was busily telling me all matter of pre-schooler facts and then announced,
"I am the smartest girl!"
"Well," I said, "Amelie--you are very smart because you're learning something new every day!"
She continued, "I am actually the smartest kid. I am also smarter than all of the adults!"
And I thought: Oh. Boy. !!!!
"Amelie-girl, you are very smart but everyone is very smart in their own way--that's what makes us all special!" I continued to explain that we all have things we are better at than others and others have things they are better at than us etc.
This conversation got me thinking, as hilarious as it is that she thinks of herself as the biggest and the best, the center of the universe, I, at 30, know that I'm not, but often act, think and feel that I am.
I've really been learning this lately in my life--when something I felt I was at the center of slowly started to change. And I didn't realize I wasn't at the center until it was painfully obvious that I wasn't even close to it!
And boy, was it PAINFUL to realize that things didn't and don't revolve around me as I thought they should. I stood back and looked around and thought,
When did this happen?
Who am I now if I'm not treated the way I think I ought to be?
But as I've waited and embraced by "new" role, my life has been filled with a new well-spring of Peace.
The reality is that I was never at the center of anything!
The reality is that there is only
One Center
One Constant
One Unchanging Fact:
God is the true center of all things and anytime I feel that everything is or ought to revolve around me I'm just fooling myself!
Acceptance of this truth is the only route to true peace in my life!
*I* am not the center.
*I* never was
*I* never will be
And that is JUST the way it's supposed to be.
Praise the Lord for His patience in teaching me and that He is willing to teach me the same lessons over and over and over again until I get it!
Now, if only someone could come and help me help Amelie to get it, we'd be all set =)


Devin said...


She will learn that....she's got a good momma teaching her. :)

JerseyGranny said...

Thanks for sharing Shelly! Isn't it great that the Lord uses everyday [and sometimes humorous] occurrences to get our attention? Happens with me all the time!