Thursday, August 20, 2009

The *Waiting* Game

I am no good at waiting.
I am a planner, a list-maker, an organizer, a non-procrastinator, a do-er-right-away-er.

Waiting is soooo hard for me.

These past summer has been a real exercise in waiting and boy--is Jesus workin' on me cause I feel like I've had to wait for everything lately =)
And although I don't like waiting much, I think it's really good for me, in general.
The longer I have to wait for something, the more I appreciate it and that's a good thing.
We've been waiting on bunch of *big* things lately (I don't even have time to go into the nine million little things we're *waiting* on--eh):

Baby Wonderful!!!

Being pregnant is the best exercise in waiting EVER! And puhlease, don't let anyone fool you--it's not just 9 months of waiting, it's 10, people!! 40 weeks--YOU do the math =)
I've been *waiting* to buy baby accessories (ok, not waiting to buy the clothes but a girl can only wait on so many things =) and just finally made my first baby gear purchase!!!
I present to you the bouncer!!!

Isn't it super cute?
Our old one was pretty much devastated by Amelie and Maeve's frequent use and when I found this cute (cheap!!!) one at Target I had to invest.
It even features my baby boy room theme: Owls!!
Speaking of owls and baby boy room themes, here are my inspiration pages that I ripped out of a few baby magazines as I exercise my patience in *waiting* to see if we even end up with a baby boy room at all!!
I'm planning on painting a similar tree/owl mural on baby boy's wall.
You know, as long as this pregnant lady's strength endures!!
We still need a crib and dresser for him but most everything else is squared away
(thanks to the stock pile of baby gear left over from the Maevenator!)
And I love these owl pillows and the cards--

I'm planning on creating some owl wall art that looks something like these Etsy Cards I found:

We have the inspection on *our* house next week and I'm praying (maybe I should start fasting too, oh boy) that everything comes together so I can start working on things for a move!

It would be totally amazing to have a nursery for our little one--I can't even express how much this whole house thing means to me. God has certainly blessed us where we are and I am thankful to be here but having a yard and an extra bedroom would def. fill my cup to MORE than overflowing!
So anyways, that's my story.
I'm waiting....and that's ok....for now =)


Sheri said...

Oh I hear you! I will pray everything works out! you will LOVE a Yard, washer and dryer, dishwasher, and garage....if the house doesn't have all those things, and even 1 of those things means a TON when you haven't had them before......I am still in LOVE with our garage, especially in the LONG WINTER MONTHS OF WI!!!!!!!!!!!!!

JerseyGranny said...

LOVE the owl theme! So cute! And, I totally understand about the waiting thing!

SarahV said...

i LOVE the owls. now i know what to keep my eye out for. and because you're so crazy-awesome-amazingly talented i'm sure you'll painting something beautiful on his nursery wall!! praying for you as you wait, friend :)

Madre said...

We are praying too, and trusting our Lord who is faithful, and who does exceedingly abundantly above what we ask or think.

Emily said...

Love the bouncer, love the owls. Love, love, love.