Friday, August 14, 2009

Catch Up

We're still playing catch-up here, in the Wonderful household, after a hasty and impromptu NY visit (sans the husband who had a paying gig over the weekend).
The girls are still ill--Day number 8 For Amelie and Day number 11 for Maeve and
I am totally over it.
The Maevenator woke up screaming from nap today so we're headed to the peds tonight for a late night date. I hope, pray, dream that the end is in sight!
We've also lived through business day number 2 (we need to make it through one. more. business. day.) of attorney review on our 2nd-under-contract-house.
We're praying that this one works out and for the strength to deal with it if it doesn't.
(Cause losing 2 under contract houses in two weeks would be a little bit much, don'tcha think?)
And in other news, I'm mildly tired of being pregnant.
Mostly just tired though.
All. The. Time.
Other than the tired and the occasional back pain, I am feeling well and am thankful that I've passed all my prego tests and have come to the point where I'll be heading to the OB every 2 weeks--the end is near! Woot!
(Can't wait to meet you little E!)
Must prepare for late date night with Dr. Mark and a waiting room full of sickies...I *know* at least one of you is mildly jealous--tee hee!
Good night and have a pleasant tomorrow!


Megan and Company said...

Umm... I think you may be talking about me because we heard Dr Mark. Hahahahaa! ;)

I'm a little annoyed at the NP we recently saw who insisted that the croup is not contagious. It may not be medically, but it certainly appears to be logically. I offer "VBS" as evidence!

Megan and Company said...

Heh. I mean we "heart" dr mark.

Devin said...

Oh, hope the girls are all better soon! Sick kids are the pits.