Sunday, January 31, 2010

Distraction Tactics 101

It has been a challenge
(to say the least)
to convince Ezra to stay still long enough to have a breathing treatment.
I've tried sitting and holding him
*slinging* him (in a sling--not like, through the air =)
walking with him
sitting him in his bouncer
and so on.
It didn't work.
*But* I found something that did!
My little e-boy may have inherited my sad little lungs--but he also inherited
my love of art.
He can't get enough of the Van Gogh print I've hung in the living room and he
stays still *long enough* for his treatments. FK4ZD00Z

Praise God and Amen!

((That boy of mine may have bad lungs but he also has good taste =))

Saturday, January 30, 2010

He's Still Smiling...

...even though he has RSV and is taking nebulizer treatments.
My poor sweet, darling little boy!
He is the most joyful creature--even though he's been sick all week long I hesitated to take him to the Dr. because he's so darn chipper!
I'm so glad we went though and pray that he is 100% healthy soon!
It absolutely breaks my heart to know that he has inherited my propensity for asthma. So thankful that he seems to be doing well though!

Dreaming Of:

(in my backyard)
And *willing* it to be Spring!!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow! ((Bet Your Bottom Dollar))

Long. Day.
Long. Week.
Long. Long. Long. Long. LOOOOOONNNNGGGGG.
with the girls and their sickness that never seems to end--it's been a longggg-a-few days here.
and cause I'm sure you want to know,
a rundown:
*Amelie stayed home from school for 3 days and declared everything BORING.
((upon finally reappearing at school on a scheduled field trip the teacher did not acknowledge her presence or ask how she was feeling. annoying. amelie loves school but the teachers are definitely lacking in the *warm and fuzzy* department.))
*Maeve has had a runny nose--nothing terrible but lots of post nasal drip and cried during the night--i went in to comfort her, put her back to bed and didn't realize until the morning that she had thrown up and laid in it all night long and I hadn't noticed.
Yes, I accept my *mother of the year* award-
-cause I like, totally deserve it.
*the girls shared their illness with me (cough, sneeze, wheeze hack) and I, in turn shared it with Ezra--who came down with a low-grade fever last night.
URGH. Baby fevers are the saddest thing on the planet.
Poor little e-boy is sneezing and stuffy and post-nasal drippy and a little cough-y. And the occasional coughs are triggering his gag reflex only when I'm holding him.
((This morning as we were heading out the door to pre-k he had an "episode" all over me. all over him. all over the floor. all over my sweater, coat and shoes. all over everything just after we had both gotten clean clothes on. So I changed him and me and cried and resolved to just
MAKE IT TO PRE-K. and we made it. Amen))
*the rest of the day was better. the elder girl was a bit on the emotional grumpy intense side. the little girl was a bit on the funny, goofy, picking on sister side. ezra slept. i ran around in circles cleaning up messes doing allllll the laundry that kept appearing.
you know, Mom stuff.
*So to sum up.
It was hard.
Things are better now.
Hopefully they'll be even better tomorrow.
((This all wouldn't have been so bad if they hadn't cancelled conan AND ugly betty in the same week--I am no longer on speaking terms with NBC!!)

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Little *Joy* Bringing Things

Remember little Miss Matched? I ordered from them the other day b/c they were having a blow-out baby sale and all their baby-cuteness was $5!

Seriously, look how cute their packages are!

jan27 056

I love this little romper for Ezra--I think it takes a *real* man to wear pink and purple stripes and polka dots =)


Matching blanket!


AND the best part of all? They sent me a free set of socks just for placing my first order! Yep, they're pretty much my favorite! Little Miss Matched Rocks!!


Just Thought I'd Share

Look what I just bought for Maeve on ebay! $3?!?
How could I resist! =)
Rainbow legwarmers make my heart happy!

The seller also makes these super cute rainbow hats and I was sorely tempted--I need to learn how to crochet or knit or whatever you do to make something this fabulous!!

All This Kid Does Is *Smile* ((And I LOVE It!))

jan.2010 114

jan.2010 132

Monday, January 25, 2010

I'll Try Not To Be Snippy With My Snippets

*the girls started with a cold on thursday. they are medicated and recovering very well but it was a LONGGG weekend spent entirely indoors and on the mend. blah
*the girls were thoughtful enough to share their cold with me--even though I sanitized their hands and my hands and followed them with a can of lysol (literally) and tissues and wipes--ick. it's not a terrible cold just a little annoying.
*rain rain go away (at least it's not snowing)
*can't wait to send Mr. Wonderful to the post office with 23 ebay packages today (and 12 more tomorrow)--tee hee! he looooves mailing that many things at once. it's not annoying at all! =)
*some math equations for you: sick girls = whiny girls; bendryl + amelie = *C*razy
*and the word of the day is *Boring* brought to you by Amelie--Boring = anything that annoys, irritates, bores or looks at Amelie--for examle,
"THIS picture is SOOOO boring! OF course it's boring! I just want this picture to be specccciiialllll but there's nothing I can doooooo."
((God help me and give me the strength to be patient and kind. Amen.))
*so thankful for a warm, dry, comfortable, mostly clean home to spend the day in, for warm socks, for the chocolate donuts in the cupboard and the full container of pepsi in the fridge
((and all God's people said, *AMEN!*))
Happy Monday! =-)

12 Hours; 12 Weeks

Sunday, January 24, 2010


It is such a pain to list things on Ebay! It took me hours and hours last weekend to list 53 lots--Oy.
My fingers were exhausted =)
But, Hallelujah!
I sold enough to meet my goal! Two new storm doors for the porch, some new light fixtures and maybe even a gallon of paint!
I'm so excited! Yay for home improvements!!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

My New Favorite Website

Holy Cuteness Batman!
I think I'm in love! =)
Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Practicing My Deep Breathing

The other day Amelie was petrified of getting her 5yo shots.
Mr. Wonderful decided to teach her to "breathe deeply" whenever she thought about it to avoid getting to upset. It seemed to actually work too!
I've been thinking a lot lately about Amelie heading to school full time next year.
She'll be gone all day.
I will miss her!
(I'm soooo glad Daddy's classroom is RIGHT NEXT DOOR or I might not be able to make it, yes, I'm a spaz and I've fully embraced that fact =)
I started thinking about the fact that she'll need an entirely new wardrobe next year of UNIFORM STUFF!
Polos! Khakis! Skorts!?! Fun tights!
And I've got nothin'!
Mostly because I've been in denial about the whole thing!!
So now I'm in need of deep breathing exercises.
I know I have months to get ready--but my nature is to prepare ahead of time--it helps me feel a bit more secure and "in control."
And I just thought I'd share with you how I'm know, in case the next time you see me I'm deep breathing =)

What Rhymes With *2 Years Old*?



(Also, impossibly cute =)

Quite Possibly The BEST Song Ever, Alternately Titled: I've Had This Song Stuck In My Head for *2* Weeks

Did you catch this on American Idol? I don't watch the show as much as I used to but happened to catch this guy last week and his song. Hi. Larious.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

As I sit here tonight watching my girls and my darling husband dancing to *b*i*n*g*o* I'm feeling better about my day. It wasn't a horrible day or a *bad* day it was just the type of day filled up with more than enough annoying things to keep me feeling unsettled.

Ever have a day like that?

jan.2010 003

And then I watched them dance.

And I looked at *him.*

And all the little unsettling annoyances disappeared.

Monday, January 18, 2010

STAT Attack!

Amelie (5yr) and Ezra (2mo) had their well-checks today!
(Lucky Miss Maeve got to stay home and play with Granny!)
Here's how they stack up:
Amelie: 42 inches, 41 pounds 40th%; also 2 shots =( she was very brave!
Ezra: 23 inches, 12.9 pounds around 50th%; (he gained 5 pounds and grew 3 inches in 2 months! we re-measured him twice to double check! he's so big!) also 4 shots =( Mommy tried to be very brave!

december 100

I'm not much of an award-show-watcher but...let's talk about dresses (Golden Globes)

First of all:

a) what was the deal with how STINKIN' far everyone who won had to walk to get to the stage? Bad table planning!

b) robert downey jr. and sandra bullock as best actor/actress? Um....I like them and all...but really? (at least meryl won for comedic actress!)

c) ricky gervais makes me uncomfortable. i don't find him funny. i tried. it didn't work.

d)Cher kind of looked like a corpse and Christina A's hair looked super cute in a bob

e) I love how Bill Paxton brought a girl who I assume is his daughter--cute!


1) Felicty looked gorgeous--but um, lost her mind a little bit when announcing the guy in charge of the Globes--maybe she indulged a little too much at those tables!

2) Why does Chloe Sevingy always look so angry? Maybe b/c her dress is so ugly. It just is.
3) two words: Toilet Paper

4) one word: scary

5) weird prom dress Fergie

6) i think she looks like an amazing Barbie doll! (a little too on the va-va-va-voom side but still stunning--although, i probably like this b/c her hair, skin and dress match--you know i love matching things =))

7)I heart Lauren Graham--her dress didn't really do anything for me but I had to include her anyways =)

8) I may not agree with Tina Fey's politics but I love her comedy. Also now, find myself not agreeing with her fashion sense. yikes!
9) Last but not least, Toni Collete looked stunning last night! It's a shame she wasn't smiling in this picture-did you see how sparkly her dress was on stage? ah-love!

In other news, Mr. Wonderful has today off for the first time ever. We will celebrate by taking Ezra and Amelie to their well-check up appts and getting 6 shots. Wowee! Happy Monday!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Window(s) Shopping; Alternately Titled: Why I *Need* GYMBUCKS!!

I Think We Need An Intervention!

The girls will not stop dressing up!
And we're not talking--put a dress on and wear it for an hours--we're talking change costumes every 60 seconds over and over and over again. =)
Crazy cute little girls!

It's Not Easy Being Green

((Mostly because Frogs do not have opposable thumbs!!))



Friday, January 15, 2010

Team Conan!!!

I was never a huge fan of late night tv--
first of all-it's LATE AT NIGHT!
and I'm a firm believer of early to bed early to rise!
However when Amelie was born she didn't get the memo that Mama wasn't a night owl and
was awake every. single. night.
(for the first 3 months) from 1am-4am.
So I took to channel surfing and w/o the option of cable there wasn't much on! It didn't take me long to find Conan-he's a comic genius and made those exhausting late night hours with baby Amelie much more enjoyable.
And I may not be able to physically stay awake long enough to watch him these days, but I'll miss him if he isn't there!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

When I was young I loved to watch my Mom. I watched her get ready in the morning. I watched her do devotions and make breakfast. I watched (and frequently interrupted) her talking on the phone-you get the picture.
I was just usually near her.
And now I see my own children--hovering like little satellites in orbit around me--watching me get dressed, cook dinner, check my email, watching me change diapers, watching me clean, watching me get the mail etc and so on....
In fact, the other day I was checking my email and took this picture of them--
sitting there
and staring at me...

january 080

And it made me feel grown up and all parental like.

I'm glad they like being near me cause I really really like being near them too.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Shameless Baby Promotion

Ezra is in a photo contest!
Please go vote for him--even though I don't think there is an actual prize for "winning" I still think it's fun! =)
It just takes a second!

There's A *Sucka* Born Every Minute

Ezra started sucking his thumb this week.

january 070

It's cute.

((Like him. ))

january 073

Also he is up now, at 4 am sucking his thumb furiously.

(less cute at 4am than it is at 4pm)

january 074

That is all. =)
Happy Early Wednesday!!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A Pirate's Life For *E*

We've been expecting some packages around here

(and I heart packages!)

from the Granny of the East and my dear SIL Amy!

Imagine our surprise when two packages, from the same store arrived!

We looked inside, and guess what?! It's Ezra's BEST PACKAGE DAY EVER!

**It's a case of "Great and Generous Minds Think Alike"**

Look what he got:

january 092

And, in two different sizes so he can wear Mama's favorite boy fashion find for months and months--YAY!!!!

Thank you Granny (and Pop!) and Aunt Amy (And Uncle Matt!)!!!

Look how happy you made him:

january 096

(( My sweet and smiley little balding boy!))