Sunday, January 24, 2010


It is such a pain to list things on Ebay! It took me hours and hours last weekend to list 53 lots--Oy.
My fingers were exhausted =)
But, Hallelujah!
I sold enough to meet my goal! Two new storm doors for the porch, some new light fixtures and maybe even a gallon of paint!
I'm so excited! Yay for home improvements!!


Megan and Company said...


JerseyGranny said...


Julie said...

I need you to come to my house and list some stuff now. HA!

Great job!

Madre said...

Who says a momma can't work from home....even Amels knows that a momma's work is never done ;o)

Sheri said...

WOW! That sounds like a lot of must have had a TON of cloths- I doubt I could sell much of ours- to run down.....hmmmmmm, maybe its a boy girl thing.....:) Either way Way to go!!!!!!!!