Friday, January 8, 2010

Wherein I Ramble About The Pros And Cons Of Facebook

I *heart* facebook.
It connects me with my everyday friends
best friends
far-away friends
high school-friends
work friends and
But have you ever searched for a good friend
from the past
only to find out that they're
who they were
who you thought they would become?
Not that *my* opinion matters--it doesn't.
it's just that it's
((and i don't like it when my con-certs are dissed))
and sometimes
it's sad
and strange
but usually there are enough of the
people from the past to make up for it.
But right now, I feel weird inside and I miss the future I dreamed would exist for them.


Julie said...

I never thought about that...but I have had similar experiences on FB.

Devin said...

Oh, Shelly--been there, done that. Found a few people that I went to Christian school with growing up who are now ATHEISTS! I couldn't believe it...and they were so open and forceful about it too, I decided to 'unfriend' them because I didn't like seeing stuff like that all the time. So, so sad. I feel ya on this one!