Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Little *Joy* Bringing Things

Remember little Miss Matched? I ordered from them the other day b/c they were having a blow-out baby sale and all their baby-cuteness was $5!

Seriously, look how cute their packages are!

jan27 056

I love this little romper for Ezra--I think it takes a *real* man to wear pink and purple stripes and polka dots =)


Matching blanket!


AND the best part of all? They sent me a free set of socks just for placing my first order! Yep, they're pretty much my favorite! Little Miss Matched Rocks!!



JerseyGranny said...

Are you kidding? As soon as you first mentioned it, I hopped right on and explored; then, saved it as a favorite! E-boy will look just gorgeous!

Julie said...


Hey, thanks again for the Cricut info yesterday...seriously considering buying one now. HA!

Donna Boucher said...

They make cute undies too :o)