Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow! ((Bet Your Bottom Dollar))

Long. Day.
Long. Week.
Long. Long. Long. Long. LOOOOOONNNNGGGGG.
with the girls and their sickness that never seems to end--it's been a longggg-a-few days here.
and cause I'm sure you want to know,
a rundown:
*Amelie stayed home from school for 3 days and declared everything BORING.
((upon finally reappearing at school on a scheduled field trip the teacher did not acknowledge her presence or ask how she was feeling. annoying. amelie loves school but the teachers are definitely lacking in the *warm and fuzzy* department.))
*Maeve has had a runny nose--nothing terrible but lots of post nasal drip and cried during the night--i went in to comfort her, put her back to bed and didn't realize until the morning that she had thrown up and laid in it all night long and I hadn't noticed.
Yes, I accept my *mother of the year* award-
-cause I like, totally deserve it.
*the girls shared their illness with me (cough, sneeze, wheeze hack) and I, in turn shared it with Ezra--who came down with a low-grade fever last night.
URGH. Baby fevers are the saddest thing on the planet.
Poor little e-boy is sneezing and stuffy and post-nasal drippy and a little cough-y. And the occasional coughs are triggering his gag reflex only when I'm holding him.
((This morning as we were heading out the door to pre-k he had an "episode" all over me. all over him. all over the floor. all over my sweater, coat and shoes. all over everything just after we had both gotten clean clothes on. So I changed him and me and cried and resolved to just
MAKE IT TO PRE-K. and we made it. Amen))
*the rest of the day was better. the elder girl was a bit on the emotional grumpy intense side. the little girl was a bit on the funny, goofy, picking on sister side. ezra slept. i ran around in circles cleaning up messes doing allllll the laundry that kept appearing.
you know, Mom stuff.
*So to sum up.
It was hard.
Things are better now.
Hopefully they'll be even better tomorrow.
((This all wouldn't have been so bad if they hadn't cancelled conan AND ugly betty in the same week--I am no longer on speaking terms with NBC!!)


Anna and Adrian Ng said...

aw, michelle, ugh what a rough day! sorry, hope things get better for all of you soon!

Breezy said...

Oh babe, my (dark cloud) blew over to Audubon!! I'm so sorry! Although, and I feel terribly guilty for it, your description of your week kind of made me laugh! just keep your eye on the prize and remember...GNO on Saturday!

Which reminds me, I am so thankful to you for including me in such a sweet circle of friends!

Hang in there, lovely!!

JerseyGranny said...

Oh, Shelly. You know you only need to call and I'll be there in a heartbeat. I may be unshowered and scary looking but I'll be there! I love you and our little Weberlets!

SarahV said...

judah told me the other morning that he likes sleeping in his bed when it's dry....not like the other night. turns out he peed the bed, didn't inform me and i didn't notice.....

it's fun being a mom :)

Sheri said...

hope you get better SOON!!!!

Wish I could help! Praying for little Ezra!

Madre said...

prayers ~ prayers ~ prayers
hugs ~ hugs ~ hugs
I love you

Julie said...

YIKES. Hope this upcoming week is better for you!!