Monday, January 18, 2010

I'm not much of an award-show-watcher but...let's talk about dresses (Golden Globes)

First of all:

a) what was the deal with how STINKIN' far everyone who won had to walk to get to the stage? Bad table planning!

b) robert downey jr. and sandra bullock as best actor/actress? Um....I like them and all...but really? (at least meryl won for comedic actress!)

c) ricky gervais makes me uncomfortable. i don't find him funny. i tried. it didn't work.

d)Cher kind of looked like a corpse and Christina A's hair looked super cute in a bob

e) I love how Bill Paxton brought a girl who I assume is his daughter--cute!


1) Felicty looked gorgeous--but um, lost her mind a little bit when announcing the guy in charge of the Globes--maybe she indulged a little too much at those tables!

2) Why does Chloe Sevingy always look so angry? Maybe b/c her dress is so ugly. It just is.
3) two words: Toilet Paper

4) one word: scary

5) weird prom dress Fergie

6) i think she looks like an amazing Barbie doll! (a little too on the va-va-va-voom side but still stunning--although, i probably like this b/c her hair, skin and dress match--you know i love matching things =))

7)I heart Lauren Graham--her dress didn't really do anything for me but I had to include her anyways =)

8) I may not agree with Tina Fey's politics but I love her comedy. Also now, find myself not agreeing with her fashion sense. yikes!
9) Last but not least, Toni Collete looked stunning last night! It's a shame she wasn't smiling in this picture-did you see how sparkly her dress was on stage? ah-love!

In other news, Mr. Wonderful has today off for the first time ever. We will celebrate by taking Ezra and Amelie to their well-check up appts and getting 6 shots. Wowee! Happy Monday!


Julie said...

I don't watch TV, so I missed all the fun of discussing outfits and whatnot...but I do have 4 words for this post:

I WANT Felicity's arms!

Sheri said...

funny I watched about half of it and thats all I was talking about- good bad dresses, good bad looks....except Drew Baramores ( sp?) TERRIBLE speech! YIKES! and yes I totally agree with the table planning- took forever to get down!!!!!!!

Pamela said...

i'm with you on most of this, but tina fey's outfit? pure comedy. the umbrella? hilarious.

and i heart lauren graham, too.