Wednesday, January 13, 2010

There's A *Sucka* Born Every Minute

Ezra started sucking his thumb this week.

january 070

It's cute.

((Like him. ))

january 073

Also he is up now, at 4 am sucking his thumb furiously.

(less cute at 4am than it is at 4pm)

january 074

That is all. =)
Happy Early Wednesday!!


Melody said...


Simon has started sucking on his hand, too (he can't quite figure out how to get just his thumb in there!).

And...Simon is wearing those same pajamas as we "speak"!

Holly said...

Hi Shelly - wow, these photos are so cute! I am a first-time visitor to your blog and love your layout and how friendly it is. I found your blog through BlogFrog and wanted to stop by and say welcome! If you ever have any questions about BlogFrog, let us know!

Holly (BlogFrog)