Friday, January 15, 2010

Team Conan!!!

I was never a huge fan of late night tv--
first of all-it's LATE AT NIGHT!
and I'm a firm believer of early to bed early to rise!
However when Amelie was born she didn't get the memo that Mama wasn't a night owl and
was awake every. single. night.
(for the first 3 months) from 1am-4am.
So I took to channel surfing and w/o the option of cable there wasn't much on! It didn't take me long to find Conan-he's a comic genius and made those exhausting late night hours with baby Amelie much more enjoyable.
And I may not be able to physically stay awake long enough to watch him these days, but I'll miss him if he isn't there!


SarahV said...

and that's what leno gets!!!!! yay jimmy :)

Megan and Company said...

He has never been funnier than he has this past week. I've always been a fan of Conan and was so happy when he switched to Tonight because I can watch at least half of it most nights.

This week has been the best week of night-show TV. EVER.

Breezy said...

OH! That was awesome!! I am boycotting(sp?) Jay so I didn't see that, but I think I'm on Team Jimmy, too! I am an insomniac, so I've always loveLoveLOVED Conan and his humor, and it makes me kind of sad to see him humiliated this way, especially since he's been such a class act through this whole stupid situation. Hopefully, he'll get the last laugh!