Sunday, January 3, 2010

*Today* Forever Please.

I don't want it to be tomorrow.
tomorrow = back to work for Mr. Wonderful, back to school for Amelie, back to a schedule for all today = the last day of break, nothing to do, nowhere to go, relaxing and naps, hot chocolate with whipped cream and takeout
(cozy clothes and funky hair are mandatory)
I love having my husband
and *all* of my babies
home. all. day.
((Snuggled on the couch watching Sprout in footy pajamas.))
Today we are happy, healthy, rested and well.
The sniffles are just starting to clear up and tomorrow may bring new germs to battle all over again.
Can't it just be today forever?
I think that would be perfect.


Devin said...

Well, somehow you climbed inside of my mind and posted all my thoughts on your blog.


I couldn't feel MORE the same!

Megan and Company said...
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Megan and Company said...

Sorry, friend!

For me, bring on 9am Monday morning!

JerseyGranny said...

Before you know it...Spring Break!! aahhhh!