Monday, May 31, 2010

Happy Memorial Day!

What better way to celebrate how thankful we are to those who have fought and secured our freedom, our country and our safety than spending a day with family! We had a lovely time bbq'ing and splashing in the water with some of our Jersey family and are so blessed to be near them and with them!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

20 Questions

I saw this fun little question thingy at A Quiet Life and wanted to do the same =)

1. when you looked at yourself in the mirror today, what was the first thing you thought? 
yay! my hair survived the night ok so now I don't have to wash it. =)

2. do you miss anyone right now?
yes. many favorite people from my past are far flung around the globe. my family in ny. the bff. etc.

3. if you could move anywhere else, would you?
the answer to this used to be a resounding YES!!!!; but i've established a life here, a comfortable home, lovely friends, precious family--i don't think i would. but you never know =)

4. if you could choose, what would your last meal be?
ice cold pepsi, mozzarella cheese sticks, mashed potatoes, and steak on a stick from Friday's--my favorite discontinued meal =)

5. what famous person, dead or alive, would you want to have lunch with?
Jesus, because there is so much He could teach me!

6. what was the last book you read?
crazy love

7. what was the last movie you watched?
in it's entirety: The September Issue,  (loved it) and in bits and pieces: What A Girl Wants (yes, starring Amanda Bynes and Colin Firth. I watch it every time it's on and I am not ashamed =)

8. what was the last song you heard?
The girls are watching Veggie Tales Jonah and they keep singing the *A Message From The Lord* song....very catchy!

9. what is your dream vacation?
anywhere peaceful with my husband

10. what is the next trip you will take?
OC in June. Can't freakin' wait!

11. did you ever go to camp?
yes--once when I was 8 and there was a little girl in my cabin who was my exact doppleganger. weird. I also went there as a counselor after my freshman year of college.

12. have you ever been in love?
yes and it has been the best experience of my life loving and being loved by my husband.

13. what do you want to know about the future?
nothing. i can only handle today's worries.

14. where is your best friend?
mr. wonderful is in the kitchen serving the kiddos breakfast and sarah is probably at home in amish-land doing the same thing =)

15. how is your best friend?
mr wonderful = handsome and helpful; sarah = beautiful and pregnant (so probably tired =)

16. who is the biggest gossiper you know?
KELLY and JILL on NYC Housewives. Ick. Ack. Gag.

17. what does your last text message say?
"And it's cheap enough to break the legs off of! Ha!" 
(What do you think that's in reference to? =)

18. what are 3 things you've always wanted to do, that you still plan to accomplish?
raise my children in the way they should go, earn a master's degree, live on a farm again someday

19. what is one thing you learned from your parents?
the value of a good work ethic

20. what is one thing you hope to teach to your own children?

i hope to teach them many things but the lesson that will serve them best is: Christ loves you so much that He died for your sins, believing in Him and serving Him are the only ways to find true peace in life. 
also, after loving God, to love and support each other in their own lives.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Fast and Furious Followed By Some Snippet Action

I must sound like a broken record.
The days are flying by. 
Three children = busy, happy, tired.
I'm so thankful for our little family! 
I'm also thankful that it's MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND! Woot!
My cousin's husband FINALLY came home and has been reunited with her after a year of being stationed overseas. These precious ones are still newlyweds--I'm so happy for them that they are together and a family again!! What an awesome way to celebrate Memorial Day--together!
In other news, I just opened, raked and spread 15 bags of mulch around our swing set. 
It was not fun.
Kid news:
Ezra is doing AWESOME at night. He has one tooth that is all the way through. He is huge. 
Amelie is depressed that school is out. Poor lamb. She loves school but hopefully I can convince her that summer at home is pretty fun too =)
Maeve loves trucks, barbies, princess clothes and buzz lightyear. I think that's an excellent mix =)
My husband has a three day weekend. Yay!!!
I'm hoping to get to a Memorial Day Parade and wondering if our township has one b/c if they do I'm pretty sure it will go right in front of our house and we'll have excellent seats!
That's all.
I know...
Shelly = boring. 
Sometimes though the boring days are the absolute best! =)

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Pre-K 2010

Precious Amelie is officially a Pre-K graduate!
Woo hoo!
We were treated to a very cute program put on by her school!
The classes all sang and the pk'ers were all presented with "diplomas" and were so cute!
My mom came down from NY to surprise us which was really so lovely!
So glad you could come Mom! It definitely made Amelie's big day all the more special!
Granny and Pop of the East also came to the big graduation--we are so lucky to have had our loving family there to celebrate with us!
Yay Amelie! You're such a big girl now!
We love you!
(And yes, I *know* I have a small problem with exclamation points--can't help it! Excitement!! =)

Monday, May 24, 2010

It Happened In *A Blink*

Today was my precious Amelie's last *real* day of Pre-k. She graduates tomorrow people!!

How can this day have come? 
How can she be old enough to be 


after these short summer months pass?
She has grown up so much this year and made so many new friends and learned so many new skills....
I'm so proud of my dear one. 
Love. her.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Spoiled Rotten (I Am)

When I was little my Grandma Rose bought me a shirt that read, "Spoiled Rotten." 
And when I was younger I didn't appreciate it...I thought, "I'm not rotten!!" =)
Anyways I've been totally and completely spoiled rotten since Ezra was born. My dear friend and Granny of the East have been carting my Amelie to and from school so I haven't had to interrupt Ezra's morning nap routine at all! 
Until this Friday when my friend had her beautiful lovely precious little girl and I had to *gasp* take my own child to school =) 
Poor Ezra boy--I tried to keep him awake until drop off at 9 (I figured he could just fall asleep in his carseat and take his nap there) but the poor little lamb just gave up and fell asleep in the jumperoo. It's a shame I couldn't find my video camera in time. =)


Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Maeve Says...

Upon handing me something small and brown...

"Here Mama! It's a poop! You're welcome!"

Luckily it wasn't "a poop," it was "a chocolate." =)

Monday, May 17, 2010

Just Watched Last Week's Glee And....

I love the writing on this show! my two favorite lines:
"I feel like that guy who lost all his hair and lost his strength." 

"I'm like Tinkerbell! I need applause to live!"

Tee hee!

Amelie Says...

"I know one Barbie that wears pants. Her name is Jazz-Man." 

Bwahahahhaha....Jazz Man....ha!


After the weekend do you ever feel the need to 
your breath?
Woooooo do I ever!
My husband's busiest time is the spring and now that his concert is over, the jr/sr banquet he helped to organize has taken place and he only has two more Sunday-music-team-outings I can see the light!
Things are winding down and we did our best to relax this weekend even though we had a lot to accomplish!

My bestest redhead in the world was here and I got to see her TWICE this weekend.
Our little ones love playing together and are a Ha. 
We talked when we could and wrangled when we had to. 
Such is motherhood! =)

I also continued to work on getting all the girls' things in the same room! My friend is moving South and luckily, for us, had a dresser we could use! SCORE! So all yesterday afternoon I worked on organizing, arranging, moving and still have to install another rod in the closet for clothing. 

The girls LOVE sleeping in the same room. It's too cute! Although, I will admit that I don't love the fact that they get up earlier now that they stay together! No one likes 6:30 people! =)

Ezra is doing great in his new room! He's been waking once at 2:30 and then at 5:30 and up for good at 6:30. I love it--so much easier and I'm actually dreaming and sleeping again. Yay!

Oooo I almost forgot! I also made my own baby food for the first time ever this weekend! I did carrots and green beans (with veggies I picked up at the farmer's market!) and it was easy! I steamed them for a few minutes, blended them in my magic bullet, froze it in ice cube trays and voila!! Baby food! Also, Ezra loved it so I must have done something right!!

I suppose that's all! I haven't taken many pictures lately--I find myself without a free hand to do so. Things are good though. Busy, but good. =)

Friday, May 14, 2010

and i can breathe again.

it's so nice to see
a far away friend
even if our 
many small children
are crazed with the love they feel for each other
they are precious
and it is a good thing
to spend time 
with some favorites
with the promise of more to come

in other news maeve and amelie have been sharing a room all week and 
such sweet sisters sharing secrets stealth-fully
(or not =))

ezra is a big boy in his own bed
he laughs with glee when i put him in his crib
it breaks my heart into a million happy pieces

i ordered my k-cups on amazon
with the mother's day keurig soon to follow
as soon as i can
ca$h in
my $wagbuck$
can't. stinkin'. wait. 

heading to the farmers market tomorrow with my friend!
my organic chickens and hamburger have been ordered.
ex.cited. !!!

my husband is awesome
his concert phenom
but i had to miss it 
for the mothering thing
proud of you honey!

here you go! 
another friday random post.

this is what happens to the mind of a mother of three little ones
(or at least this one)
by friday i am done thinking =)

happy happy weekend!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Food For Thought

I had the privilege of growing up on a lush and verdant farm in Upstate New York.
Lush and verdant makes it sound kind of magical when actually it was a little bit lonely and removed although it is lovely. =) My Father raised beef cattle. We never owned much more than 20 and often owned less than 10. It was small but provided for the needs of our family and also added income! 
Anyways, I remember when I was around 10 we went camping with our dear friends the Ingrams at their family's lakehouse and some of their relatives came to dinner. My family had brought the hamburger meat b/c you know, we lived on a farm! The woman, (I forget her exact relation!) sat down next to me and said, 
"So this is what grass-fed beef tastes like?" 
And I looked at her sideways all the while thinking
...*doesn't all beef taste like this? don't all cows eat grass!??!*
.....and said, "Yep." 
You truly eloquent 10 yr old form and went right back to eating my burger. 
And it wasn't until today that I realized that green-grass eating and roaming cattle ARE NOT the norm.  
I knew in theory that all cows don't hale from the idyllic pastures of upstate New York but 
I never really *thought* about it. 
Enter the movie, Food.Inc. 
Which I watched today.
Spending part of the time covering my eyes, crying, and all of the time *thinking* about what I'm eating and what I'm feeding my children.
So do your friendly bloggy-friend a favor and watch it. 
And think.
I've been working up to a change for a while now and am starting this week--at the local farmer's market (where you can buy grass fed beef, free-range chicken/eggs, and local produce)--and this summer with my own small garden.
 So won't you watch it? 
And since I can't resist a deal, (tee hee!) you can actually watch it instantly on Netflix. Which, if you sign up through Swagbucks you can earn 750 bucks for your account (that's one and a half Amazon cards people!! =). Also the first month is free--so it's like they're *paying you* to watch this movie. You can't beat it =)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

STAT Attack!

6.5 months old
18.10 pounds (85%)
26 inches (45 %)
(Even if wakeful at night) 
In Every Way
So thankful for an extra *healthy* (haha b/c healthy = chubby) boy!
p.s. Slightly worried that he is nearly 19 pounds at 6 months when Maeve was 22 pounds at TWO YEARS! Holy cow. 
The end.

haves and have nots

*three precious children on earth and two in heaven
*one adoring husband 
*one comfy home
*grass in 80% of my backyard
*hammock for naps
*awesome porch
*car that works
*plentiful coupons
*socks that keep my feet warm and stylish
*eternal security

have nots:
*walking partner
*free time
*rinse, repeat. 

at least it's a short list. =)

Monday, May 10, 2010

sometimes i feel like i have much to say
but i'm not sure how to write it won't be received as intended
or will be thought of as more or less than it's meant to be
you know?
i'm just full of....
these things
so instead of writing any of them
because i'm not sure how
or if i even want to
(not happy or sad things. 
just life things mind you.)
i'll post a series of pictures of maeve laughing
at a gumby cartoon!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Friday Feels Like Love And Randomness

i *heart* friday.
i actually *heart* everyday and am so happy to be home with my little ones! 
what wonderful busy days we've been having! 
of course, not everyday is wonderful but this week was full of good ones =)
poor ezra is teething hardcore and is "cranky" (i put that in quotes b/c i don't think i've ever had an actually cranky baby just a less happy than usual baby--God knew what i could handle =)
the girls both were lucky enough to spend one-on-one time with Granny of the East this week and i was lucky enough to be able to scrub my bathroom and straighten, tidy and continue to ready Amelie's room for Maeve to move in while they were gone. 
my mother-in-law(love) is such an encouragement to me. so thankful for her everyday!!
my mama sent me a boatload of coupons and a lovely mother's day card with $$. ah-mazing. =) i'm thankful for you too mama! i just can't write too much about it or i will get sad....we'll be neighbors in heaven, i promise!
i should use the $$ she sent me to get a pedicure. my husband has taken to scrubbing my feet when he gets home. yes, this is a true thing. he is obsessed with cleaning my dirty backyard walkin' feet. i know, this is like tmi--but i LOVE walking barefoot outside. YES i'm a country girl and you know what they can take a girl out of the country but you can't take the country out of the girl!!!!
i saw a good friend today. i love her and don't see her enough. 
i saw another good friend today. she's 12 months pregnant (well, nearly to her due date anyways =) and lugs my 5yo to school for me. she is the most amazing kind of wonder woman.  i had the privilege of watching her 2yo for an hour or so and almost absconded with her. what a precious lamb! the girls were cracking up the entire time! i can't wait to meet the newest little girl-to-be. girls rock. 
also, so do boys. 
i have awesome friends. 
(thinking about the coffee i'm going to be getting with one tomorrow!!)
dear sarah, 
i miss you.
if you've made it this far you deserve a medal or a dark chocolate bar....mmm....yes. that's the plan, yummy dark chocolate freeness from Rite Aid
Good night!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Little Happy Tasty Beautiful Things

My ground sprouted this rose:

I grew this salad in my garden:
(well...not the ranch dressing...but the lettuce =)

I believe that every time a tiny little seed produces something edible or beautiful (or both) it is a miracle.  
I was glad to be a part of these little miracles and so thankful for the land I stand on and the house I live in.

"My own recipe for world peace is a little bit of land for everyone. "
~Gladys Taber

"There have been few things in my life which have had a more genial effect on my mind than the possession of a piece of land."
~Harriet Martineau 

Happy Wednesday!

Sisterly Squeezes (Oh How I Wish I'd Had The Chance For One Myself)

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

If At First You Don't Succeed; Try Try Again!

Vignettes A La Maeve

My precious Maeve has always been excellent at playing on her own. She's so entertaining because the little people in her scenarios always speak to each other in baby language--and I love listening to her little baby language stories =)
Very often when I put Maeve to nap or to bed I go about cleaning and find little groupings of people and playthings that Maeve has conscientiously set up. I love it!
--Here are some I found the other day--
Vignettes A La Maeve!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

i *used* to...

i used to be a good blogger
with things to say
and time
to write
the things
i'd say

i used to be
but now

when i have time to write
i'd rather sit quietly

when i have time to think
nothing comes to mind

when i have time
i don't

it's oh-so-full-of-goodness though
this time of busy
go go go
all night baby party
all day three kid circus

i love this *now* that God has given me
even if i'm tired
even if i'm not free

i'm thankful for the present
for the million little things that make
my days beautiful
theirsmiles, theirlaughter, theirbrighteyes
(and let's not forget the sticky-fingered-squeezes)
our home, our hearts
our little noisy crazy funny family

it's good here
even if there are
no words
no time
no thoughts
to write and prove it.

Good Morning!!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Say It Ain't So.....Happy 1/2 Ezra!!!

My precious angelic little boy is SIX months old today!!!! I can hardly believe it! 
Where oh where did the time go!? 
I heart him so muchly.
Here's an e-boy update!
*He is rolling rolling everywhere and frequently gets stuck or wedged certain places. 
*He is starting to push up on his hands like he's going to crawl! That is not allowed Ezra!! =)
*Ezra LOVES rice cereal! Applesauce was a bust but we'll try some new things as the days go by.
****And here's the *just bein' real* portion of this post:****
He does not I REPEAT does not and HAS NEVER slept through the *night* (12-6). He can sleep 8-2 but always always always gets up. And sometimes Mommy falls asleep feeding him (much to my chagrin and his delight =). My girls had both slept through the night at least a couple of times by now...alas--he has not! I'm hoping once he's settled in his own room that this will change. I don't mind waking up once a night...but twice or more is tiring. He always goes right back to sleep but it's still a marathon!
*Also Ezra is huge. I won't find out just how huge until his 6 month appt 
(which is in two weeks which means he'll be even huge-r). It's weird how he and Maeve were fed/raised/birthed by the same parents and he nearly weighs as much as she does at 2.5 yrs!!
*Ezra has the most fun when he is watching his sisters play or sitting outside watching Mommy do yard work =) He loves his exersaucer, bounceroo and activity mat.
*He loves sucking his thumb/fingers/toes/blanky
That's it for now! He's a precious little guy and I can't believe how quickly these months have flown! *tear*