Saturday, May 22, 2010

Spoiled Rotten (I Am)

When I was little my Grandma Rose bought me a shirt that read, "Spoiled Rotten." 
And when I was younger I didn't appreciate it...I thought, "I'm not rotten!!" =)
Anyways I've been totally and completely spoiled rotten since Ezra was born. My dear friend and Granny of the East have been carting my Amelie to and from school so I haven't had to interrupt Ezra's morning nap routine at all! 
Until this Friday when my friend had her beautiful lovely precious little girl and I had to *gasp* take my own child to school =) 
Poor Ezra boy--I tried to keep him awake until drop off at 9 (I figured he could just fall asleep in his carseat and take his nap there) but the poor little lamb just gave up and fell asleep in the jumperoo. It's a shame I couldn't find my video camera in time. =)


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