Saturday, May 29, 2010

Fast and Furious Followed By Some Snippet Action

I must sound like a broken record.
The days are flying by. 
Three children = busy, happy, tired.
I'm so thankful for our little family! 
I'm also thankful that it's MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND! Woot!
My cousin's husband FINALLY came home and has been reunited with her after a year of being stationed overseas. These precious ones are still newlyweds--I'm so happy for them that they are together and a family again!! What an awesome way to celebrate Memorial Day--together!
In other news, I just opened, raked and spread 15 bags of mulch around our swing set. 
It was not fun.
Kid news:
Ezra is doing AWESOME at night. He has one tooth that is all the way through. He is huge. 
Amelie is depressed that school is out. Poor lamb. She loves school but hopefully I can convince her that summer at home is pretty fun too =)
Maeve loves trucks, barbies, princess clothes and buzz lightyear. I think that's an excellent mix =)
My husband has a three day weekend. Yay!!!
I'm hoping to get to a Memorial Day Parade and wondering if our township has one b/c if they do I'm pretty sure it will go right in front of our house and we'll have excellent seats!
That's all.
I know...
Shelly = boring. 
Sometimes though the boring days are the absolute best! =)

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JerseyGranny said...

Time for a grandgirl day!