Friday, May 7, 2010

Friday Feels Like Love And Randomness

i *heart* friday.
i actually *heart* everyday and am so happy to be home with my little ones! 
what wonderful busy days we've been having! 
of course, not everyday is wonderful but this week was full of good ones =)
poor ezra is teething hardcore and is "cranky" (i put that in quotes b/c i don't think i've ever had an actually cranky baby just a less happy than usual baby--God knew what i could handle =)
the girls both were lucky enough to spend one-on-one time with Granny of the East this week and i was lucky enough to be able to scrub my bathroom and straighten, tidy and continue to ready Amelie's room for Maeve to move in while they were gone. 
my mother-in-law(love) is such an encouragement to me. so thankful for her everyday!!
my mama sent me a boatload of coupons and a lovely mother's day card with $$. ah-mazing. =) i'm thankful for you too mama! i just can't write too much about it or i will get sad....we'll be neighbors in heaven, i promise!
i should use the $$ she sent me to get a pedicure. my husband has taken to scrubbing my feet when he gets home. yes, this is a true thing. he is obsessed with cleaning my dirty backyard walkin' feet. i know, this is like tmi--but i LOVE walking barefoot outside. YES i'm a country girl and you know what they can take a girl out of the country but you can't take the country out of the girl!!!!
i saw a good friend today. i love her and don't see her enough. 
i saw another good friend today. she's 12 months pregnant (well, nearly to her due date anyways =) and lugs my 5yo to school for me. she is the most amazing kind of wonder woman.  i had the privilege of watching her 2yo for an hour or so and almost absconded with her. what a precious lamb! the girls were cracking up the entire time! i can't wait to meet the newest little girl-to-be. girls rock. 
also, so do boys. 
i have awesome friends. 
(thinking about the coffee i'm going to be getting with one tomorrow!!)
dear sarah, 
i miss you.
if you've made it this far you deserve a medal or a dark chocolate bar....mmm....yes. that's the plan, yummy dark chocolate freeness from Rite Aid
Good night!


Breezy said...

The foot thing is truly terrifying. But I love you, anyway, dear friend! ;-)

BluSkies80 said...

That's def. a lot of randomness. So nice seeing you yesterday; Ezra is still really cute even when he's teething.

SarahV said...

too bad i'm not cool enough to have a blog or you could tag me :) maybe someday.....

Megan and Company said...

Well, first, I kind of agree with random chinese guy.

Second, I agree with Brie on the foot thing. Ha. Al is SO FREAKED out by feet, having him touch mine would likely push the envelope on our vows. ;)

Third, I'm like 11.75 months pregnant.

Fourth, driving Amelie has been a breeze.