Sunday, May 2, 2010

i *used* to...

i used to be a good blogger
with things to say
and time
to write
the things
i'd say

i used to be
but now

when i have time to write
i'd rather sit quietly

when i have time to think
nothing comes to mind

when i have time
i don't

it's oh-so-full-of-goodness though
this time of busy
go go go
all night baby party
all day three kid circus

i love this *now* that God has given me
even if i'm tired
even if i'm not free

i'm thankful for the present
for the million little things that make
my days beautiful
theirsmiles, theirlaughter, theirbrighteyes
(and let's not forget the sticky-fingered-squeezes)
our home, our hearts
our little noisy crazy funny family

it's good here
even if there are
no words
no time
no thoughts
to write and prove it.


Sheri said...

I sooooooooo hear you- can I quote your poem:)!!!!

Melody said...