Friday, May 14, 2010

and i can breathe again.

it's so nice to see
a far away friend
even if our 
many small children
are crazed with the love they feel for each other
they are precious
and it is a good thing
to spend time 
with some favorites
with the promise of more to come

in other news maeve and amelie have been sharing a room all week and 
such sweet sisters sharing secrets stealth-fully
(or not =))

ezra is a big boy in his own bed
he laughs with glee when i put him in his crib
it breaks my heart into a million happy pieces

i ordered my k-cups on amazon
with the mother's day keurig soon to follow
as soon as i can
ca$h in
my $wagbuck$
can't. stinkin'. wait. 

heading to the farmers market tomorrow with my friend!
my organic chickens and hamburger have been ordered.
ex.cited. !!!

my husband is awesome
his concert phenom
but i had to miss it 
for the mothering thing
proud of you honey!

here you go! 
another friday random post.

this is what happens to the mind of a mother of three little ones
(or at least this one)
by friday i am done thinking =)

happy happy weekend!

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