Sunday, January 10, 2010

no more projects please

no more projects please
no more plaster
no more paint
no more drills
and hammers
and nails
and glue

i tried my hand at plaster ceiling repair
3 outfits, plaster arms, plaster hair
plaster paper towel marathon clean up
and hours later
what. a. mess.
still not done
((we took down the horrifying drop ceiling in the bathroom and have been fixing the ceiling--what a slow process!))

i thought i would reward myself with a "quick" project
i bought new handles for the kitchen cupboards
i already replaced the cupboards with knobs
i went to put on the first pull and quickly discovered that all the holes need to be drilled before the new handles can be screwed on

no project is fast
or simple

i also wall-papered today for the first time
90 % looks great
10 % looks horrible

i'm think i'm going to take a month off
whine moan whine
moan whine

so, no more projects please
((at least for tonight))
whiny-mc-whin-er-son shelly


JerseyGranny said...

Don't despair. Plaster repair is an adavanced project and I'm sure you and Steven did a great job! BTW, I love to wallpaper!

Jessica said...

We have plaster walls...they are SO hard to work with!! I always think I am getting into a "quick, little project" and none of them have ever been quick or little. I feel your are allowed to whine away!! :-)

Sheri said...

I totally agree- every time Jon says, " it will be easy, it won't take long..." I say, HA! Famous last words....funny thing is, he is really good at that stuff too, and its NEVER EASY or QUICK!:)