Monday, January 25, 2010

I'll Try Not To Be Snippy With My Snippets

*the girls started with a cold on thursday. they are medicated and recovering very well but it was a LONGGG weekend spent entirely indoors and on the mend. blah
*the girls were thoughtful enough to share their cold with me--even though I sanitized their hands and my hands and followed them with a can of lysol (literally) and tissues and wipes--ick. it's not a terrible cold just a little annoying.
*rain rain go away (at least it's not snowing)
*can't wait to send Mr. Wonderful to the post office with 23 ebay packages today (and 12 more tomorrow)--tee hee! he looooves mailing that many things at once. it's not annoying at all! =)
*some math equations for you: sick girls = whiny girls; bendryl + amelie = *C*razy
*and the word of the day is *Boring* brought to you by Amelie--Boring = anything that annoys, irritates, bores or looks at Amelie--for examle,
"THIS picture is SOOOO boring! OF course it's boring! I just want this picture to be specccciiialllll but there's nothing I can doooooo."
((God help me and give me the strength to be patient and kind. Amen.))
*so thankful for a warm, dry, comfortable, mostly clean home to spend the day in, for warm socks, for the chocolate donuts in the cupboard and the full container of pepsi in the fridge
((and all God's people said, *AMEN!*))
Happy Monday! =-)


JerseyGranny said...

Oh, Mama! Glad you have those donuts and Pepsi. I can here Amelie's voice as if she were right here when I read that statement. Ooo, boy!

OMG said...