Monday, August 10, 2009

Weekend Update Bullet Style

* Friday we put an offer on a house--started playing what is known as "the waiting game"
* Had planned on heading to NY Saturday to visit family but went to bed Friday night with a sick Amelie! Took her to the Dr. Saturday morning and my Mom came down to visit/help out since Mr. Wonderful was working all weekend.
* Granny of the North talked us into heading North with her Sunday so off we went! It took a little longer than usual due to :severe weather (ick), road work (double ick) but we made pretty good time as I am an excellent driver (tee hee--actually just motivated to drive a bit faster with the whole 7.5 month pregnant thing going on)
* In NY A.K.A. "Amelie's Slice Of Heaven" There has been swimming, fishing, playing on the swingset, the sprinkler and in the tree fort. The girls are tearing it up and enjoying the freedom although BOTH of them
* are sick. Coughing, fever, etc. Eh. At least they are sleeping well!
* Today offer was accepted on house numero dos and we are awaiting an inspection of the house/electrical etc before we get too attached. House hunting is a whole bunch of good and bad and up and down. Eh.
* Did I mention it's humid and there's no A.C.? Not as humid/hot as Jersey but whew!
* Plan to head back to Jersey on Wednesday--as long as the sickos and the pregnant lady hold up.
*Did I also mention that I miss my husband? He's the best, wonderful even, and I miss him. I love you honey pie!!

Good night all!

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~Dawn~ said...

I do wish you much luck... I'll mention you in my "house hunting" prayers. Everyone says you "just know" when you've found the one.. and I'm starting to think that's true.