Thursday, November 12, 2009

Shelly Received This Email Today And Seriously, If *This* Applied To Me--I Would Be Completely MENTAL!!! Thank God Ezra IS Here!!

Hi Mama-to-be,Congrats! You're 42 weeks pregnant!

This week your baby weighs 8, 9 (or more) pounds and is 21 inches long or more. A whole lotta baby!

it may feel like a cruel joke is being played on you, but you really will give birth soon. Most doctors won't allow women to go more than two weeks past their due dates, so the end really is in sight. And to that we say, thank goodness for modern medicine! Oh, and congrats!
what you're thinking
"I am going to be pregnant for the rest of my life, aren't I?"


Devin said...

Oh, I got such a chuckle out of this... thankful that boy is HERE and not still in THERE! :)

Megan and Company said...


"baby weights 8, 9 or more pounds..."

Julie said...

High levels of hilarity with that one....

Yeah, I can't even imagine still being pregnant and getting that. I would probably throw the computer out the window!

Emily said...

Woah, somebody needs to talk to whatever department puts out those e-mails and tell them to just stop at 40 weeks, so seriously!

Alternately, they could send one out at 37 weeks that says, "Even if you are induced 10 days early, your baby might be close to 10 pounds"

I'm just sayin'.