Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Ezra: A Primer (This is not a rant, even though it looks like one, it's an "impassioned plea")

So, as a parent of children without top 100 names, I get funny looks and comments upon introducing them from time to time.
I'm used to it.
It's fine--
I understand that not everyone has heard of the French form of Amelia or watched the extremely popular French Movie Amelie; or is familiar with Celtic mythology or Shakespeare's plays to have heard of a Maeve.
But seriously--I thought we hit the name-jack-pot with E-boy because to me, his name is wayyyy more popular than the girls'
(Amelie rank: 792
Maeve rank: 638
Ezra rank: 394)
and something that most everyone should have heard at least once in their life.
Apparently, I. was. wrong.
Ezra--the background:
God is my Help/Aid
(EZ rah)
Used in:
Ezra is a Biblical/Jewish name used in English and Hebrew speaking countries
Additional info:
*Ezra was a prophet of the Old Testament, a priest who returned to Judah from exile in Babylon.
* Is a book in the Old Testament of the Bible
* Is also the first name of the man who founded Cornell University
* Also--remember the 90s rock group, Better Than Ezra?
* And the name of a poet--Ezra Pound

1. Ezra has two syllables. It's not Ezzz-er--ahh or Eeh-zer-eee. Ez. Ra.
2. Ezra is not made up. It's in the Bible people. I realize being Protestant, studying the Bible and going to a Bible college give me the advantage in this situation but I've come across many people who surprise me by asking that question.
3. Ezra is a boy's name. Seriously--If I hear, "Oh I heard you named your daughter Ezra...." ONE MORE TIME!!! I really didn't see that one coming.

So, now you know and knowing is half the battle! =)


Jennifer M. said...

I happen to LOVE all your childrens names. I named my first daughter Amelia, and to this day my great aunt refuses to call her that. She says, "Well, Amelia is German for Emiily." SOOOO frustrating! And, we named her for that particular aunts GRANDMOTHER!!!

as told by: Korleen said...

I love your kid's names too! Especially Maeve's! And BTW I have NEVER heard of a girl named Ezra (which in my humble opinion is ALL BOY!). People mispronounce my children's (and my own for that matter)names ALL.The.time. But I'd rather have that then have my kids with the same name as 5 other kids in their class. And don't even get my started on crazy spellings of common names... Okay i'm done. Sorry. I'm a little passionate about this subject. Just rest assured that you're not the only person that gets weird/stupid comments.

Devin said...

I'm surprised you're having such an issue too, although I have a Bible background like you and am familiar with the name Ezra. I love the name, by the way, and love that it is unique--all of them names you have chosen are, and I think they are great!

A girl named Ezra...what are people thinking? *sheesh*

Julie said...

Even without the biblical background, what adult hasn't at least heard of "better than ezra"? Weird.

My 4yo's name gets mispronounced pretty much all the time, but like you, I'd rather have that then have a super common name.

And Ezra doesn't even sound like a girl name. What are people thinking?

Breezy said...

Actually, don't hate me, but Ezra would kind of be a cool name for a girl, too!! But it does have a distinct boyish quality- I would think "boy" first if someone said their child's name was Ezra!

As for the unusual name thing, I can completely relate- people mess my name up all the time! And forget trying to explain where my hippie 1970's parents got the name in the first place- it's nowhere NEAR as wholesome as Ezra's story!

Lastly, I loved "Better Then Ezra"!

Pamela said...

My mother refused to call our first child Olivia. She called her Lydia. Every. Single. Time. I wanted to beat her.

I think Ezra is totally a boy name, Elijah, too... but we have friends with a daughter named Elijah. They were going to name their 2nd kid Jonah. But only if it was a girl.


It was entirely inappropriate, but fortunately she still loves me.

SarahV said...

nice G.I Joe reference =)

Sheri said...

I love it too!!!! Names are hard- People call Brendan, Brandon ALL. THE. TIME.....oh well, I must say I do it too sometimes I have this one friend who named her daughter Ava, or is it Ada.....I can never remember- ahhhhhhhhh!:)

Love the meaning too!

Tyrone & Bailey said...

Ok, I discovered your blog I-don't-remember-how and have lurked here and there for a bit. I had to jump in and comment here, though. I have a Gabriel. Honestly, well known, yes? He gets called Gabrielle more often then he gets called his own name....I don't get it.

But, Ezra is lovely, and definitely a masculine name!


Emily said...

Love all the comments! My best friend from college named her daughter Evangeline, and her dad's co-workers gave them a beautiful hand-painted (and large) piggy bank with "EVAINGELINE" spelled across the front- of course her dad had provided the gift purchaser the spelling of the name ... classic.

I love the name Ezra too, by the way. I crazy love it.