Thursday, November 19, 2009


* Amelie stayed at school today for the "stay and play" option--she was gone so long--it was a small taste of what having a kiddo in kindergarten next year will be like. I didn't love it. I missed her!! Seriously though, she's doing so well in school and is so independent--it's wonderful to see!
* Maeve is hilarious. I think she's going to be a comedienne someday. Must be that middle-child thing--she just likes making people happy =)
* Ezra is so wonderful--I love having a delicious little newborn--he's so noisy at night but I forgive him instantly upon looking at his cuteness. Love that kid!
* Speaking of Ezra, I got the statement from the insurance company today about how much we were billed for having him. It only annoys me b/c we didn't even find out we were going to be charged more than a regular co-pay until the week we moved (i.e. the most stressful week of my life). I am thankful we have insurance but I just wish it didn't change EVERY SINGLE YEAR and get worse and worse! We don't have thousands of dollars stored up for things like this! I'm just so thankful that E and I are healthy--it's a good thing too--b/c we'll still be paying off his birth when he's old enough to get his first job. HA! (exaggeration alert!)
* I love that I have girls and a boy.
* I also love that E's pieces have all healed up so that he can get baths now--how do newborns get stinky so fast? all they do is sleep! well...except for at night =)
* I'm looking forward to seeing New Moon next week hopefully before Thanksgiving with the girls!! Woot!
*And looking forward to celebrating Thanksmas (Thanksgiving/Christmas) next week with the family!
* All for now! I'm on my own tonight and tomorrow night as Mr. Wonderful's broadway show is happening this week! Wish me luck!


Madre said...

Your thankful heart blesses me....God is so good. ALSO I am so excited and thankful that you are coming home! love U all

SarahV said...

just curious: did your insurance cover his circumcision? ours didn't. expensive much? wowza.

i like that you have girls and a boy too :) hope you have an easy 2 nights!!

Risha said...

Make sure you contact the hospital's billing dept about any financial assistance they might offer. The bills for the birth of kids as well as Ava's recent tongue surgery (at a different hospital than my deliveries) have been significantly reduced because of assistance offered on the hospital's part. For my deliveries, we did not receive any assistance for the individuals that billed us (anesthesiologist, hospital ped, my OB), so we did still have the full bill to pay on those. This assistance was a major relief and blessing to us as things have been very tight financially since I quit working, which I'm sure you can relate!