Saturday, September 5, 2009

Week In Review: Playing Catch UP

What a busy week we've had!
We soaked up the last few days of summer and enjoyed, loved and cherished the beautiful, low-humidity weather! It was like heaven for this pregnant lady!
We spent many days playing at the park, swimming and having adventures!
It was perfect =)
I know I'm going backwards but that's the way the pictures uploaded and I'm lazy so I'm going with it =) Yesterday we went to Storybook Land which was, like, my favorite place ever!!!
We had SUCH a wonderful time--the weather and the girls were perfect! It is the cutest little amusement park in South Jersey (for the preschool set) and we loved every second we spent there!

Granny of the East treated us all to such a fun day--THANK YOU Granny!
Here's a picture of the Weber girls! (Aunt Micayla and Ryleigh were there too!)
We also spent some time swimming! We're soooo sad that the pool will be closing this weekend but the sadness was tempered by the fact that the water is STINKIN' FREEZING!!!
I think it was like 50 degrees in the pool even though it was 80 out of it =)
The girls played until they turned blue and I tried to capture a few moments since I've been the laziest photographer ever this summer!
The swimsuit Maeve is wearing was Amelie's--it's going to be hard to part with! I might have to try for another girl someday just so I can see its cuteness again!!

Amelie was like a little fishy this summer! She loves "practicing her big girl moves."
We also made it out to the zoo again this week with friends!
Aren't they cuties? It was perfect zoo-visiting weather!

I only took three pictures--lazypregnantladysyndrome--so I only got one of Maeve and Miss Leah's back! These little ladies will be 2 next month!!!! Let's have a moment of silence to contemplate that fact...
What a lovely week! I'll miss you summer! I'm not ready for the Fall and all that it entails for the Wonderful household. In fact, I'm anxious, overwhelmed, excited, scared, thrilled and terrified all at once. We're in one-day-at-a-time-mode now!
Happy Labor Day Weekend Friends!!


Sheri said...

I am not ready for fall either and I don't even have a new baby or new house! it will be great though!

Madre said...

Praise the Lord that we don't have to take on the whole fall at once! One day at a time (and sometimes, one moment at a time) is all I can take on with His help. Loved your great photos -and am so thankful you had a great summer with your beautiful family.