Thursday, July 31, 2008

Haybales to Highways Chapter 8: Neither Rain Nor Snow Nor Dark Of Night!

So, the last installment of H2H left young Shelly in the lurch--stuck in Ohio for the summer without boyfriend or friends but the promise of impending engagement is enough to get a girl through a long summer of nothing but cornfields, crappy apartment dwelling and the GAP.

I would love to say that the day Mr. Wonderful left Ohio for Jersey wasn't horrible--but boy was it! No amount of hanging out together beforehand, talking about the departure or thinking about the departure could have prepared me for how utterly heartbroken and sad I was when I had to wave goodbye to my love! I watched him and his friend Josh load up the last of his belongings in a little U-haul and waved and smiled bravely as they pulled out of the driveway. I remember I went to a movie that night with some girls from church to pass the time but felt myself as if I were in a horrible, sad movie as I was mostly alone in Ohio for the rest of the summer.

I spent all of my time working--literally! I had three jobs, worked 7 days a week and had at least two jobs to go to every day. I worked on the weekends developing pictures at Target, at night folding clothes for the Gap and during the week I sat at a mall kiosk trying to get nurses to sign up for a temporary staffing place. The days were very long (12 hours a day at the mall--never again I say!) but I had some very kind roommates (albeit strangers until that summer) to come home to. I was also taking three classes that summer so that I could graduate early and get the heck out of Dodge and a few steps closer (or states) to my man.

I only saw Mr. Wonderful once that summer--we took a fun trip to Florida where I met his mother and we spent lots of time exploring and taking day trips and kissing when no one was looking =)

The fall came upon me before I could blink and started preparation for student teaching. I only had classes for about 2 hours a day and spent most of my time alone since all of my friends had a ton of classes AND their significant others to keep them busy. Looking back, it was the loneliest time of my life but I doubt I would have enjoyed being with my honey as much if everything had been easy.

I only saw Mr. Wonderful once during Fall Quarter and headed home for Christmas break which was more exciting than ever this year because Mr. Wonderful was going to come home with me for the holidays! Before he left I got the call--asking me all about my engagement ring specifications so I knew that he would propose over Christmas break but I wasn't exactly sure how or when it would all take place.

During my Christmas break my mother had gotten me a job working at her office building which was an hour south of our home--so, on the night that Mr. W came up from NJ I stayed after to hitch a ride home with him, show him the way...etc. Unfortunately, Mr. W was rudely acquainted with life in the hostile North when there was a horrific snow storm--he was supposed to be there to pick me up around 4 and I sat all alone on the 19th floor of the office building watching the hours click by....5.....6.....7....(this was before we had cell phones =) and finally finally at 7:30 he pulled up and we made our way home. I took over the driving so that he could rest from his wintery driving ordeal and the worst was yet to come! By the time we were about 20 minutes from my home we couldn't see out the front window--I literally drove by looking out my side window to make sure I was still on the actual road! We inched and crawled towards home and were just about there when we came to this HUGE hill that leads to my parent's house--I ended up putting the pedal to the metal and listening as we spun and sputtered up the entire hill--I distinctly remember screaming at Mr. W to "BE QUIET I"M TRYING TO GET US HOME ALIVE AND I CAN"T PROMISE I WILL IF YOU DON"T STOP TALKING!".

It was the first time I ever yelled at him...(unfortunately for him--not the last!).

We did make it home in once piece and saw the next morning why it was so difficult to drive his car--his tires were completely bald! NO TREAD AT ALL! Mr. W said, and I quote, "They are just clean!" My poor man has no clue about maintaining cars--but I'm sure that's just one of the many reasons God put us together!

We spent a few comfortable and happy days together in snowy central NY until Christmas Eve when he asked me to go on a walk with him. We drove a little ways away to Salmon River Falls--a very pretty waterfall that completely freezes in the winter--it really is lovely! He wanted to walk somewhere pretty so that he could pop the question--unfortunately all of that snow made walking almost impossible! The snow on the trial was WAIST high (I kid you not!) and we waded and trudged because Lord knows I was going to get engaged even if I had to hire a Sherpa to get the job done!

We arrived at the falls and Mr. W wasn't next to me so I turned around and he was on his knee in the snow (at least I think he was, it was impossible to see knees at this point) and he told me he loved me and asked me to marry him. I squealed yes and promptly a huge drop of snow landed on our heads.

Isn't it romantic?

We trudged back to the car and headed back home so that I could share my news and start making plans. And by plans I mean everything except for the venue, date and dress--all of which my mother and I had set, purchased and paid for BEFORE the big proposal. We sure had a lot of faith in My Mr. Wonderful--well placed faith, I might add!


Ree said...

You are sooo cute & funny!! I can't believe you already had the venue, date & dress picked out AND paid for!!

We also got engaged during the holidays; between Christmas and New Years.

BluSkies80 said...

too cute michelle! i love reading your stories! we got engaged around the same time as well=) he's a good man-little clueless about the tires though!

cherryt7 said...

I never knew this story... I think we knew it was going to happen because it was a week after our wedding and Steve was there... but I never knew the details! I love hearing stuff like that... well, hearing is the wrong sense, reading.