Saturday, July 19, 2008

Pet Peeves: No I Didn't, Yes I Did, What? A.K.A. I heard it through the grapevine and didn't read it in any way shape or form on your blog

Do you blog?
Well, you know that I do...I love blogging so much I have three of them!
Do you know what really peeves me about blogging?
What really flips my switches and gets my goat and puts flys in my honey is when I'm talking with someone--either a friend, or relative (who has never once left a comment on my blog)--casually drops a comment or a question in real life about something we've done or I've said without admitting that they read my blog even though there is no way on earth they ever could have found out UNLESS they read my blog!
You know, like,
Person Who Shall Remain Nameless (PWSRN): "So how did you like the children's museum?"
Me: "I never mentioned the children's mus.--how did you know we went?"
PWSRN: "Well, you have kids so I just assumed you went to the children's mus. and assumed that you might like it if you did."
Does this ever happen to anyone else?
I think, obviously you are reading my blog--and btw--I love nothing more than the fact that people read my blog so sharing this with me would be GOOD news--but I have come across so many people who have accidentally let slip something they read on my blog and then back track as if to say, i-know-you-have-a-blog-but-i-don't-really-read-it-peruse-it-really-and-this-question-is-purely-based-on-guesstimation-and-intuition.
I love my blog reader--I'd sing it from the rooftop if I had one of my own--I just love my blog readers more when they don't pretend not to read my blog =)


A Jersey Girl said...

Yes, this has happened to me. I usually call them on it and move on or I will write something about them on my blog next time:) But the one I love more is when people blog and you leave a comment/or say something to them and they get all annoyed because you mention something they have blogged about. Um, don't blog about it or don't make it public if you don't want people to know about it.

I guess there are people out there reading and blogging that don't full understand how it works:)


Emily said...

HA! That is a new one. This has not happened to me yet, but I find it a very interesting concept. I guess thankfully, people I know in real life are quick to 'spill' that they enjoy reading my blog.

Scrappygirl said...

You don't know me personally but I know your mom. She got me to check out your blog. NICE. This is also a pet peeve of mine. Just thought I would share.

charmed1 said...

I know exactly what you mean. You know that you read it so just admit it. How hard is that? Some people. I will purposefully say something in a post that will piss off that person because I know they're reading it. That'll teach 'em!

Sheri said...

That is sooooooooooooo funny b/c I think the same thing.....In fact I have had it happen where someone almost seems annoyed that I am sharing the "same" story.......but then they NEVER leave a comment so how am I suppsoed to know that they read or even cared? Which is no big deal, but then I feel bad like I am repeating myself when in reality, I have nothing to feel bad about.........ahhhhhhh! I think a lot of people are embarressed to admit that they check the blogs, which I just don't get b/c thats why they are there? It takes 2 seconds to write something nice.......or longer if you write a book like this:) Anyways I totally hear you!:)