Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Here a Moo! There a Moo! Everywhere a MUMU!

The other day I was walking through Target, with anniversary money in hand, and happened upon the cutest little summer dress in the pattern you see to the left. I loved it and just grabbed one in my size, didn't try it on and shoved in the cart with the rest of my Target-loot and assorted children. That night my husband wanted to go out for ice cream so I figured it was the perfect time to try on my new summer dress! I ripped the tags off threw it on...

When Lo!

and Behold!

I had unwittingly bought



Who knew you could find a mumu in the junior's section at Target?

How on earth could something so cute on a hanger be so large and billowy and weird shaped on a human body?!?

It's a mystery I'll oneday solve but until then me and my mumu will not part---for I've learned a valuable lesson through all of this--

Mumu's are comfortable.

The end.

p.s. too bad I didn't see the dress on the model--not looking good on a skinny chick is never a good indication to buy!


Sheri said...

HA! thats funny ....My SIL said they were great right after pregnancy!:) Maybe I should head to Target?

charmed1 said...

Yoou are such a trip! :) I'm not sure if I could bring myself to wear a mumu :/

Madre said...

there is so much to be said for 'comfort' when it comes to clothes! (by the way, do you think that the model in the picture is 7 feet tall?)

Ree said...

It's a pretty print!!!

Ree said...

Apparently you aren't the only one: