Thursday, February 10, 2011

This & That: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

The Good:
*Granny came over today for a few hours. Love her! I'm so thankful that she is always around when I need her and takes such good care of us! 
*I was able to talk to both of my parents on the phone today! I usually talk to my Mama but can't always catch my Dad! He was stuck home because of snow so it worked out well! =)
*My kids are cute. Stinkin' Cute. Love. Them!!!
* We had a great trip to the Discovery Museum the other day and I got to see my one of my favorite little blond-one-year-old-handsome-guy walk! Isn't it so fun to see your friends' babies reach milestones?!
*My husband got a new part time/temporary job and he's excited about it! He loves being able to work as an accompanist--he's amazing and I'm so happy for him even if I'll lose out on spending time with my favorite guy for a while!
*I finally got back out to Bible study this week! Ezra seems to be over his morning napping and I was so stinkin' happy to be there! I had to leave 5 minutes early to meet the Comcast guy but next week I expect to be back in full swing! =)
*New counters, ceilings and sink in t-minus 8ish days! 
*Here are some cute dresses from Mini Boden that I adore!:

The Bad:
*I was without internet for 24 hours. And I'm not one of those people who is smart enough to find the internet on her cell phone. So I languished. It's back now though! Woot! =)
*It's still stinkin' winter.
*I live in an ice cube. (At least it's a cute ice cube! =)
The Ugly:
*And in some seriously sad/bad/ugly news;
Some friends I grew up with lost their young, healthy father very unexpectedly. It fills me with grief to even think about losing a parent. Please pray for the Roberts family as three young women find themselves without a father, a beautiful woman without a husband and many grandchildren without a grandfather. =( 

He and his wife taught me Sunday School growing up--we spent many summers camping with them and I spent much time with their youngest daughter who was one of my best friends growing up. We'll miss you Uncle Tom!
Goodnight friends! Squeeze your loved ones tight!


Pamela said...

Accompanying gigs are the best. Especially when they pay cash moneh.
I was going to say something else but the Brainless Backyardigans are on the telly now and suddenly I'm also brainless.

JerseyGranny said...

So thankful to be here for you and can't wait 'till the *commute* is a bit more friendly! Absolutely LOVE the dresses!

Am praying for the families of your friends. So very sad.

Devin said...

So sorry for your friends and the loss they (and you) are dealing with, my friend...I will certainly keep them in prayer.