Sunday, February 20, 2011

A Day Or Five Late

My Maevey-girl started pre-k this week and I totally forgot to write about it! My weeks have been so topsy turvy with my husband's new job I'm completely out of sorts! =)
Anyways, she started this Wednesday and really loves it! A local school has an awesome program for little ones that is *free* (woot), *fun* (double woot) and run by some pretty cool people! (triple woot!).
Maeve just marched right off into school like it was normal and waved me off--so much easier than when I dropped Amelie off a few years ago! Maeve very confidently walked away and that made it easier for me to leave and go cry in my car! =) I can't believe how much my little lamb is growing up! *tear* But yay for happy, new adventures!

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