Saturday, February 12, 2011

Somedays And Saturdays Are Not What You Think They'll Be!

After our crash-course-in-evenings without Mr. Wonderful I was soooo looking forward to a big family day with nothing planned!
I even asked him last night, 
" don't have any practices tomorrow, right?"
"Nope." He said.
So I *thought* we were in the clear!
I had all these plans that I announced to him this morning and he told me we had better hurry up and fit them in since he had to leave by 2 for a music competition!
I take that back.
I feel better now! =)
So the day I had planned in my mind didn't happen! But lucky me, I still got to spend some time with three adorable little children, in our home.
But tomorrow--I'm fairly certain--we'll have *him* home all day for real!
And that, my friends, deserves a !Woot!

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Devin said...


With the exception of "a water heater is broken at the neighbors and I need to go fix it!!" being the reason for our Daddy absence...I had the SAME DAY!