Saturday, February 19, 2011

My Handsome Guy!

My little Ezra guy was sick last weekend and missed out on the Valentine pictures I took of the girls so I made him do his own little photo shoot! I love this guy! I can't believe how big he is! Here's a few Ezra facts for you! =)
*he sleeps through the nights almost always but does occasionally get up at 5. dread.
*he goes to bed at 6:45 and takes his nap sometime around 1.
*he answers every question with, "Yeah!"
*he loves to dance and really enjoys listening to music!
*his favorite foods are chicken, bananas, apples and grapes!
*he is in. to. everything. ahhhhhhhh so much baby-chasing!


Madre said...

Handsome boy - we cannot wait to see you all. btw - I didn't receive a birthday list!

Devin said...

My word, Shelly! He IS so handsome...such amazing eyes! Love these pictures. :)