Saturday, February 19, 2011

Saturday Snippets (Too Tired For Anything Else!)

*so happy it's saturday! the first day in many days that my husband can just stay home!! yesterday was the beginning of president's weekend for us but he had to go out to Philly for his accompanist job--it was a super long afternoon because my house was full of people working on putting up our new bathroom and bedroom ceilings! yay!! 

also--longest. afternoon. stuck. home. ever. without. a. car. or. stroller. and. i. felt. lousy. gah. also. no. bathroom. doublegah. 

*also yesterday the kids gave me some devil bug and i was all weak and dizzy and weird feeling. i'm mostly back to normal today--aside from the weird sensation of completely plugged ears. oh well--i hear less crying this way! =)

*i had dreamed and hoped and planned that my counters were going to be done this weekend but that isn't the case. boo. hopefully soon (fingers crossed and knocking on wood!!)

*we took the kids to picture people to get their valentine pictures taken! better late than never! we got *one* good one--at least one is all you need! =)
i'll scan one later to post! =)

**that's it for now! it was a very very long week but we had lots of playdates with friends and that definitely helped! we are really looking forward to a few more playdates next week too! hopefully everyone stays healthy!!!

happy saturday!

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JerseyGranny said...

He's wonderful! Every time I think of him, my heart smiles!