Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Saving Statistics Week 2

Things are going well in the land of save-a-lot (or at least, the land of save-a-little). Progress report:
1. Shopping at Shop Rite v. Wegmans.
I must preface this by telling my lover Wegmans that we'll always be friends....it's not *you* it's *me* ((and my desire to have coupons doubled and to see items I use hit rock bottom prices every 4 to 6 weeks.)) I really fell for you and your pretty stores and your desire to keep prices at one even, low price all year long without fluctuation but the sales and the double coupons have me. I'm sorry. I'll still visit once a month for EPI bread, the Grandma Brown Baked Beans, Gianelli Sausage, Hoffman Hotdogs and Buck Salt (central NY staples!!) I promise.
Our grocery bill this week had me convinced: usually we spend $100-$120 a week at Wegmans. Eesh. At Shop Rite? $56. Um, that's so close to half it makes me sick. I'm switching and sticking to Weggies for special occasions.
2. We did a big rookie *fail* at Walgreens and tried to pay for an item using Register Rewards and getting them in the same transaction--usually it works--just not when you are earning and paying with RR from the same company. Rookie mistake. Will NOT happen again!
3. Did a "free" trip to CVS--nothing big but getting free shampoo makes my hair more manageable or something. Also the Cereal--Kellogg's--Two boxes for 50 cents. Nice. Love the coupons.
4. Swagbucks: I haven't traded any in yet and am saving up--for 235 bucks you can get $20 at Target...Holding out hope to get there by my birthday--I think I will! Woot! $20 for searching the web? AND I get to go to my favorite store. So Easy. So Awesome.

5.Shop At Home: I've already earned my $20!!! It gets mailed next week and will possibly be higher by then! Woot! Seriously. I can't believe they give you money when you BUY things you needed or would have anyways!!

6. Last but not least-(-I cheated just a smidge here-)-I ordered Diapers and used my Mother-In-Law's address (w/her permission) and rec. the $10 off for new addresses and free shipping and can sign up for the new $15 rebate they are giving! That's two huge boxes of diapers, an extra large pack of wipes for $25 SHIPPED free. Nice. Want to sign up? Go to Diapers(dot)com and tell them I sent ya...or type in this code: MICH4199. When you refer people they hook you up with a discount too! ALSO: I searched diapers(dot)com at shopathome and will ALSO rec. CASHBACK for that order too. Oh man. So Exciting!!!
*To sum it all up.
It makes me happy.
Win. Win.


BluSkies80 said...

=) Sounds like it's going well. My loyalty has always been with Shoprite, def. the best prices around. For Dan and I it's been like a game to see how many coupons we can combine and seeing all the doubling at the end, so fun. COUPONS are the best, Hannah thinks that EVERYTIME we buy something there should be a coupon, got to start them young!

The drug stores are awesome too especially when you have it all laid out in front of you. It's awesome to be able to walk away with FREE items!

SarahV said...

man, you're doing great! are the deals your getting at drugstore from using the rewards card or for coupons online? i usually get good coupons printed out when i use my CVS card. and does shop rite double all coupons or just the ones under $.50? sorry for all the questions!

Devin said...

I can so relate to your Wegman's/Shop Rite dilemma. I have the same thing here...a wonderful, clean, beautiful grocery store with not so great prices, or WALMART, where I can save a bundle but I HATE it (and the clientele) there! I sacrifice, every single month :) and head up to walmart for my big monthly shop. We save so, so much money! It is worth is ONLY for that reason--but my loyalty will always be to County Market! :)