Wednesday, February 24, 2010

PSA: Maeve On Yogurt.

jan2010 039
Any questions?


JerseyGranny said...

Love that face...yogurt and all!

Julie said...

Yes, Puckey has several questions actually:

"What's her name?"
"Does she have a Mommy or a Daddy?"
"Does she have any brothers or sisters?"
"What are their names?"
"Does she ever get a time-out?"
"Does she hug her Daddy and Mama?"
"Is she real?"
"Does she live in this world?"
"Does she kiss her Mama and Daddy?"
"Does she play in her room?"
"Does she clean her room up?"
"Does her Mommy and Daddy help her?"

I typed those just as she dictated to me. I think you get the point. Just thought it was too funny not to share.

Emily said...

The hair is amazing! Love it. :)