Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Right Now

*the boy is sleeping, the girls are playing up-up-stairs with daddy.
*the children have been bathed and pj'ed, the laundry is nearly done, the dishes are done, the house is mostly straightened, i've already taken a shower and called my mother and as i finally sit with a few quiet moments to blog
my brain is empty.
*i think of things alllll day long that i want to write down and as soon as i get *the chance* they fly out of my brain.
*the only things i can scrounge out of my mind are:
1. i'll be glad when the olympics are done. i miss the 3 shows i watch each week and don't have an affinity for sports or competition. i know they're a *big deal* but it just doesn't do anything for me--with the exception of the podium and the national anthems--i love that part and they all make me cry even though i'm not emotionally invested in the games at all =)
2. i'm so thankful for my friends and for my childrens' friends. we are surrounded by love. it is a good thing.
3. i'm thankful for all of our parents. they are so helpful and kind and supportive and it is a good thing.
4. i really like coupons and would like to take the chance to thank my husband's former student, piano protege and current co-worker of his (this makes us old) *Ashley* for being my coupon inspiration. Go read her blog. She really loves food and coupons and in my mind we're really good friends even though we don't know each other very well.
5. i got an awesome nap today. being a stay-at-home-mom is equal parts hard and wonderful and when i go back to work someday i'm really going to miss those naps because they rock.
6. my babies are getting big. maybe if we all wish really hard together they'll all stay exactly this age forever. i love it. my heart is over-full of joy. they're so cute i can't stand it. my husband is so loving and supportive i can't describe the blessing he is with words.
my life is heart-breakingly small and quiet and happy and wonderful.
7. good night friends.


Pamela said...

regarding #1: me too!

Devin said...

I sure will do my part in wishing these days wouldn't go so fast....

Ashley said...

Thanks FRIEND! I was just talking to your husband today about the awesomeness of couponing- I'm glad you love it! I'm heading to CVS tomorrow and I won't tell you how excited I am.....