Thursday, September 13, 2012

My sweet baby-girl (who isn't really looking much like a baby at all!!) started pre-k yesterday! It was very exciting and a bit bittersweet to know that thus begins the road to school and Kindergarten! I tried to get a few shots before we walked over to orientation (yes we can WALK to school--1 block; love it!) but Ezra was determined to be in every picture! I had to eventually bribe him with candy to take pictures of just Maeve. He is fairly certain he is going to be attending preschool with her--pretty sure this isn't going to go over well on Friday when I start potty training him instead. Poor guy--he doesn't know what's coming for him! 
Also, these kids are stinkin' gorgeous----but just LOOK at them. HA! 
Love their sweet faces!!

I'm already worried about sending Maeve off next year and wondering how Ezra will adjust. =( He loves his sister so much--they have been constant companions and playmates for the last 3 years because Amelie has always been in school since he's been around. One of his very best little buddies will be in school too. 
It's breaking my heart a little bit. 
Until then, we're going to soak in as much brother-sister/friend play time as possible!

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Breezy said...

Awww, we will *miss* our play dates with our buddies so much! But there is always lunch time! But until then, let's just enjoy it while we can!!!