Sunday, October 7, 2012

So much has happened in the last couple of weeks--my blog will never catch up.=)
Oh well. Ha!
Here is a picture of Maeve-y on her first day of pre-k by herself! She absolutely loves school and is having a wonderful time! She loves her teacher too, who just happens to also work in her Sunday School class at church--and I love that! =) 
My Mom came last weekend to attend Grandparent's Day at school with Amelie (who was lucky enough to have THREE of her wonderful grandparents with her!!) and to see her get baptized as well! More on that next time!
We also celebrated Maeve and Ezra's "Fake Birthday" (as Maeve dubbed it). My Mom won't be down again before we see them at Thanksgiving so we took the chance to celebrate Maeve and Ezra's upcoming big days! 
Amelie made the decorations--aren't they great? =)

So thankful for a great family days and for the milestones my kids have been hitting lately! I can't believe I have a pre-k girl, a baptized-new-church-member 2nd grader and a potty-trained boy! Holy Cow!

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