Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Excitement Of The Day

Maeve is going to give me a head full of gray hairs soon enough!
She's a fragile little lamb and while playing with sister today (dancing/hugging/goofing around) her elbow got out of joint! This happened before and gave me an absolute heart attack!!! Praise God for a good friend who made a quick pit stop here to replace her arm parts and save us from a Dr's visit (who apparently couldn't get her in until EIGHT hours after the fact--eesh!!).
She's fine now =)
She's going to have to start dancing alone though b/c I can't take the trauma!!
We stayed home today b/c I dislike the extreme heat and sticky car seats and sweat and things.
The ac works fantastic =) Thank goodness!!
In other news, Ezra boy got up on his knees today! (like an upright kneeling position--does that make sense?). Anyways, right now he is sitting up by himself drinking water from a sippy cup. Seriously. I'm dying over here!
He's too big. I just can't allow this!!!
And my precious husband is currently out and about getting things for free from grocery stores. Love it. (and him!)
Happy Wednesday!!

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Janet said...

Ah, glad she made a quick recovery and now you too are trained in arm replacement therapy :)