Friday, July 23, 2010

This week was very odd around the Wonderful Household.
My children were strangely super well behaved nearly all week.
It was creepy.
Also. Wonderful =)
Actually they aren't usually bad just high and there...which is fine because they're children! But this week there was cooperation and love and happiness and naps and naps and naps.
I think the biggest reason it went so well is that my husband had a 5 day weekend. I think everyone would be soooo much happier if EVERY WEEKEND were a 5 day weekend =)
Here's an example of their creepy-good-ness:
I marched Ezra upstairs to nurse him down for nap. I had left the girls playing in the living room together. When I came back down a bit later they had
a) cleaned up all the toys
b) put on a movie
c) laid down on the couch
I couldn't believe I had to take a picture for posterity. =)
I love them. I'm so thankful to be their mother! My precious little ones!
And now it's late late late (for me) Friday night.
The babies have been sleeping for hours and I just finished watching Pride and Prejudice for the 15 millioneth time (never gets old!!!) and my real life better-than-Mr. Darcy-husband just finished clipping 15 millionish coupons for me.
Tonight life is peaceful and calm and happy and perfect.
And I am thankful.

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